Ghost Hunting Tools

by admin on August 18, 2010

ghost hunting tools

ghost hunting tools

Ghost Hunting Made Easy | Paranormal Investigation Tool

“Finally”, A Paranormal Investigations and Ghost Hunting Software
that has been designed to easily track your entire investigation and neatly store all your findings, EVP’s and Photos and then creates a
full Professional looking report… 100% Guarantee”

Dear Ghost Hunting Enthusiast,

The Biggest problem I’ve found in my 30+ years of doing Paranormal Investigations and Ghost Hunting has always been keeping track of my equipment and safely storing the information I’ve gathered while doing a paranormal investigation.

Rather the information was from a personal interview or background history of the location it was always a major task not to lose or misplace my notes, not to mention how and where to store my EVP’s and photographs without having 20 piles of stuff lying around waiting to be lost.

When I became founder of my own investigative team the problem’s only got bigger. I  found the need to keep track of all the ghosthunting equipment, which over time began to be more and more difficult as my collection of tool, equipment and gadgets continued to grow and still does to this day.

I discovered that as my team began to grow I needed to have instant access to their personal info such as address, phone and email. Just as important, I needed  to be able to know what types equipment they’ve used and how many investigation they were part of.

When our team was small, it was easy to drop a couple emails to get information out to the team… But as we grew, sending email became a greater task as well. I thought to myself… how nice it would be if I could email everyone all at once with 1 click of a button.

But by far the BIGGEST Challenge was after collecting all the background information, doing all the interviews, noting information found during a preliminary investigation, gathering hours upon hour of information and data during the paranormal investigation, then reviewing the evident’s….The alarms go off !!!

How could I put all this together in to one neat, professional looking package to give to the client without
looking like a bunch of third rate amateurs ???

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About the Author

Tyler is an Internet marketer/Ghost hunter based in Columbus Ohio.

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Looking for Thermal Camera for Non-Profit Group?

Hello, can anyone help me find out finding a Thermal cam for my non-profit group D.A.R.T. “Dartmouth Anomaly Research Team” We are a Ghost Hunting team in Ma.. The research we do is completely free of charge. We would like to continue completing free investigations but cannot afford this very important tool. I have been told that Fire Departments use this thermal tool and get upgraded in so many years. Where does the older thermals go. Please, Please help my team out with information to who I can contact. My other email address is Thanks so much Eric

If you contact the fire departments and let them know you would like to put in a bid for their thermal when they replace it, you might have some luck. Most departments will not just give it away, but you might be able to pick it up at a big discount.

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