Ghost Hunting Tools For Sale

by admin on April 10, 2010

ghost hunting tools for sale

ghost hunting tools for sale

What Does a MLM or Network Marketing Guru Know That you Perhaps Don’t?

Have you ever been in the situation where you have joined your MLM or Network Marketing Company, made the commitment to give it a go and then six months later you have no upline support. I don’t necessarily mean your immediate sponsor I mean your whole support system. They have become too involved in their day to day or they have not received cashflow quickly so they have lost interest.

The fact of the matter is that you as well could very well go along the same lines. It happens all the time. In fact 95% of people who join MLM or Network Marketing quit, so what about the 5% of people who stay what happens to them.

Well a lot of them have a huge belief in the system they know it works and admire the people that it has worked for, but they simply keep spending themselves broke because they like the product/company so keep working their business without progressing very far at all. Only 1% of people who join MLM ever become really successful. That’s right only 1%.

But those 1% people do things very different than most of the other’s in the industry.

For a start they don’t play around. If they have been working something that does not bring them results quickly, they stop it and try something else. Secondly, they develop a system, most of us don’t realise what their system is and very few notice it, but for those that do it stands out like a sore thumb, and usually the formula is very simple. You rarely see them standing around admiring other people, other people usually stand around admiring them.

So what is the formula, it is simply “You Inc.” That’s it!.

This is the secret formula Randy Gage, Tim Sales, Mike Ray and all MLM/Network Marketing Guru’s earning millions of dollars understand. But will they give out their secrets, “No Way!”

However if you study them, you like me, will see their business model as plain as day.

They don’t write lists of people to approach, they don’t go and drop leaflets in letterboxes, they don’t advertise in newspapers, they don’t wear silly badge’s, they don’t attend Thursday meetings (unless invited and paid to talk at the meeting) they don’t go and approach strangers in the street and hand out sales tools and they don’t send out information packs in the mail hoping they will get it back.

They do however have the choice of people they want to work with by utilizing “You Inc.”

So if you haven’t yet worked out what they do, let me try and explain it to you. You’ve purchased their books, listened to their CD’s and watched their DVD’s. You have admired them from afar, but all the time thinking well how do they really do it, then you listen further and purchase more of their products hoping to get a glimpse of what they really do to attract people to them and what they have done to succeed.

Because you have purchased, listened and watched you now identify with these people and you step into their warm market. Your familiar with them and you see them as someone you can learn from.

If you feel like this how many other people feel this way as well, but then go on to contact their respective Guru that they feel they have benefited from. Wallah! An new lead for the Guru.

It is no secret this is how Guru’s become Guru’s.

They have their own “You Inc” which they use to produce Cashflow, it then allows them to produce more MLM/Network Marketing Training information products which they then sell, inturn enhancing their Guru status. Which of course produces more leads for their MLM/Network Marketing company.

People usually don’t care which company a Guru is with, They just like you want to make money. In fact it is rare for people to know which Guru is involved with which company, unless your involved with a MLM company that massively promotes that such an such Guru is involved with us.

Guru’s don’t market and promote their MLM company they Market and promote themselves and their knowledge, all the time exposing you to their secret, without allowing you the key to unlock it for yourself.

This is the secret to MLM success, it is not the bells and whistles internet site that promises everything and delivers nothing, it is not your go nowhere, do nothing, not interested upline and down line half the time as well. Your friends and family are not necessarily the best people to be in business with (half the time they only join because they feel sorry for you or you have put so much pressure on the that they feel they have to join). But then they will sit back and do nothing anyway, and just let you do all the work. These are the wrong people to be involved in business with.

You only option is to find people like you, people who have drive and actually do want success for themselve’s and want more than the 9-5.

I can tell in a five minute conversation whether I want someone in my team or not. I am looking for the same traits I find in myself and you should be looking for these too as you need to be able to work well with the person who has joined your team.

These are the same traits a Guru looks for in a team member as well.

With all that being said you possibly thinking right now “OK so how did the Guru start this “You inc.” company well first of all they gathered up all the information they had learned whilst trying to build their business and they wrote or had a ghost writer write a book that could contain valuable content for the MLM/Network Marketing industry, they then produce a website so compelling that it sells their book for them. Once they start to make some sales this produces cashflow for their “You Inc.” business once they have some cashflow they produce a CD and so on and so on (this process can take a minimum six months to do). The cashflow that they receive then pays for more materials that they can produce it receive cashflow, it also pays for their monthly purchase from their MLM Company or companies.

If you have a good look at Guru website you will find that they give you a little bit of valuable information, put in some testimonials and have a section their specifically to capture your information. Why do they want your information it is because they can then add you to their newsletter list which you join to gain further educational information, but the Guru’s only just send you enough information to spike your interest in other products they produce. They can them just sit back and wait for the money to role in and people to contact them to join their organisation.

Look at the top earners in your company and they have a “You Inc.” cashflow producing business. Quite often they will have a book, CD or a set of marketing material that they have produced and sell through their downline for them to use to prospect people which further edifies their “You Inc.” business they quite often also sell their products throughout the MLM/Network Marketing industry which of course edifies them as a Guru, therefore having leads contact them. They are the “Hunted instead of the Hunter”.

So how do you get a “You Inc.” business. It is getting harder and harder with so many Guru’s producing every conceivable topic in MLM, just with their own spin on it. But writing a book is an option if you are willing to do anything to succeed and have the time. The other option is to find a really good system that allows you to unlock the key and leverage your efforts. A system that will not only bring you quality leads, but produce cashflow and training for yourself and your downline (The good one’s are few and far between), plus edify your “You Inc.” business as well. If you can do this you will have the foundation for a strong and successful MLM/Network Marketing business.

Dedicated to You and Your Success!

Veronica West

About the Author

Veronica is an online marketer, who specializes in Home Based Business. She spends her time helping other Home Based Business Owners overcome the hurdles they face when reaching for success with online marketing. For More hints and tips visit:

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