Ghost Hunting Technology

by admin on May 11, 2010

ghost hunting technology

ghost hunting technology

How to Take the Edge of Getting Older by Living Life on the Edge

Getting older isn’t so bad; after all, it does inevitably happen to each and every one of us. However, it cannot be denied that getting old does have one or two annoying limitations; parts of the body stop working as well as they used to do, and the effects of gravity do inevitably become somewhat more visible as time goes by. And, even if we continue to feel as we did when we were younger, the rest of the world inevitably views us according to the age our bodies show us to be.

The ageing process can have a number of effects upon a person, both physical and social in nature. One of the effects of ageing is the steady decline in the performance of cognitive processes after the age of 30. The process is slow, but we cannot avoid the gradual loss of our ability to pick up skills quickly, and we may even find that our levels of intelligence actually reverse. Scary stuff!

But why does life’s cruellest collection of birthday gifts actually happen? Surely it wasn’t supposed to be this way? Well, there are a number of theories behind the ageing process; one of which is the wear-and-tear theory. According to this theory, we essentially get old because of an accumulation of damage that subsequently affects the body. Another theory, the somatic mutation theory, suggests that the ageing process is a consequence of damage to the body’s genetic integrity. However, the theories are so varied that it becomes clear that we’re still not entirely sure what’s going on – and that the process cannot yet be halted.

But, fear not, it’s important to live life to the full! Just because we’re getting older, it doesn’t mean we have to stop loving life, or even stop living our lives on the edge. So, when looking for birthday gifts, experience days offer some of the best ways to grab getting older by the horns, and smooth out that edge.

For anyone who needs to feel a little more fabulous, why not treat them to a Makeover Experience Day Gift Pack. Birthday gifts should be fun, so for men in need of a boost why not treat them to a fashion photoshoot? Not only will he get a fantastic photograph with him wearing some of the latest fashions, he’ll be treated to a professional haircut from one of the UK’s leading stylists. Fashion photoshoots are also available for ladies.

However, for birthday gifts that really take the edge off getting old, how about trying an experience day fuelled with adrenaline? Even for those among us who don’t like to get behind the wheel of a car, there is still plenty to do. In addition to paintballing, adrenalin-fuelled birthday gifts can involve clay shooting, a flight in a helicopter, ghost hunting, ice climbing and even Segway rally racing. And, as bizarre as it sounds, taking a Segway off-road really is fantastic fun!

Using special technology, the Segway can be controlled with almost magical sensors; moving forward, backwards, or side-to-side simply requires the user to lean in the desired direction – and they can even travel at speeds of up to 12.5mph! So, when travelling off-road, these amazing little two-wheeled devices offer a thrilling way to see the countryside; not only do they offer decent speeds when travelling across challenging terrains, they also leave you in total control. And best of all, they can be enjoyed with the knowledge that they are incredibly good for the environment; after all, Segways can keep going for 24-miles on less than a penny’s worth of electricity.

But whichever event you go for, just remember that getting older is all part of life. Enjoy the age you are now, as it is the youngest you are ever going to be. And while youngsters may now boast about their age, eventually they will know how it feels to be the same age as you.

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Dinosaur Ghost Hunters – Episode 1

Have x-rays been used to monitor ghosts?

Does anyone out there know if there have been individuals who have utilized x-ray technology in ghost hunting experiments? I’m really interested in the idea of x-rays being associated with the paranormal–that whole Victorian era of when science and the paranormal meshed.

i think ghosts are similar to electricity you cant see them until they catch you or you are in use of them

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