Ghost Hunting Stories

by admin on May 10, 2010

ghost hunting stories

ghost hunting stories

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HONTONI KOWAI HANASHI (Japanese True Horror Stories) – “GHOST HUNTING” part 1/2

GhOsT StOrY?

i need a ghost story done asap

all i need is the plan like wats basacly gunnah happen in it

i want some chirldren to go ghost hunting or someing like that or watever you can do

i need it to be intressting and keeps you at the end of your seat s please help it needs to be short and catchy



you can do something with a Quja bord about kids getting together playing around with one, maybe the kids get sucked into the pits of hell and they have to figure out a huge labrynith to get back to real life before the board gets put away and they get stuck for life….also while in hell they see all kinds of missing kids and they are trying to free them.

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