Ghost Hunting Rules

by admin on April 10, 2010

ghost hunting rules

ghost hunting rules

The Basics of Paranormal Investigation

The word paranormal comes from the words “para” meaning beyond, and normal. So the term paranormal really means something that is beyond the normal scope of science or being beyond a scientific explanation. According to the Journal of Parapsychology, the term paranormal describes “any phenomenon that in one or more respects exceeds the limits of what is deemed physically possible according to current scientific assumptions.”

Ghosts generate strong electro-magnetic fields. These fields cause disruptions in the magnetic field of a location which makes it detectable by both specialized equipment and psychics. Ghost hunters use many different types of equipment to detect an paranormal phenomena. A 35mm or digital camera is probably the easiest and least expensive way to begin. Pictures, whether digital or recorded on film have the ability to capture paranormal activity that is usually invisible to the naked eye. In addition to a camera, it’s important to have a flashlight since most paranormal investigations will be in dark places like cemeteries, basements, attics, or old buildings. Also, most investigations occur between 9pm and 6am when it’s dark. This is believed to be the best time to record paranormal activity. Along with the flashlight you’ll need extra batteries, since batteries will sometimes mysteriously lost all their charge during paranormal investigations, literally leaving you in the dark.

Once you have these basic items, you’re ready to start exploring the world of paranormal investigation. Some important things to remember are: never go on an investigation alone, and be respectful of the of the people, places and situations you encounter.

The first step in an investigation is selecting the place you’re going to investigate. Once you choose a location, be sure to get permission to access the property to ensure you won’t get into any trouble for trespassing. It’s also very important to do some research on the location before you go out and physically investigate it. You can go to the library and look up old newspapers, visit the local historical society to find out about the history of the place and if anything strange has happened there, and of course talk with the owner of the property.

Once you get all your data collected you have to analyze it. Every picture, video, audio recording is reviewed to look for any sign of a haunting. When doing your analysis, be sure to be skeptical. Make sure you rule out any explainable causes for anything odd that may show up. Check for mirrors, shadows, light sources or anything else that may cause something weird to be seen or heard in your collected data. Most of the time, the things you initially detected during your investigation will have real world explanations as opposed to supernatural ones. It’s important to make sure your evidence will stand up to any scrutiny by eliminating any other explanations. This will give your data more credibility.

Once you complete your analysis, you need to present your findings property owner. At this point you would recommend whether the owner needs to seek additional help, such a having the property blessed or if there is really nothing that needs to be or even can be done. Sometimes just having someone investigate the place and find nothing can help ease the mind of the person experiencing the haunting.

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HipperzDave speaks Out for Ghost Hunters!

God’s presence in the world…?

I watch a lot of paranormal investigations on TV and deep down inside I know that what they are hunting isnt anything good. How do I know this? I know this because I’ve experianced what they are looking for. And trust me, its nothing good.

And with all the ghost hunting and whatnot around. It makes me wonder…where is God?

Why arent there teams of investigators hunting down angels? why cant we find the good? Like set up some kind of detector that detects angels and not…bad stuff.

Is God not here? Does satan rule the world and not God? And it’s only until we go to heaven that we are truely in God’s presence? Does Sin hold full sway here on earth??

Please answer this. And dont mock me for asking it. 🙁

Hey there; well, this is definatly a deep question and a great point to make…….I myself have had experience with both encounters and let me first say that the good one’s scare you just as much, not because they are bad, but because we as human beings are conditioned to feel fear to anything we can’t explain or understand…..that right there is Satan’s trap…..I was raised in a Christian home and as I have grown older, I myself have wondered the same thing…… there is so much bad in the world, because in truth, the world is Satan’s playground…which is a scary thought, but he stalked the earth waiting to prey on innocent minds and weak in spirit. God’s presence is all around us everyday Sweety…..from the sunrise in the morning to the birth of every beautiful child to the good that mankind can do…..he is here, but sometimes, people become so consumed with what is going wrong in their lives and in the world, that they forget that he is here surrounding us everyday. It’s sad really, but ever since the fall of Adam and Eve in the garden (back in the Bible days, lol), Human nature takes over the most part of our feelings…..we seek out things that scare us, things that we cannot explain, because we have a need for drama in our lives, we have this drive that pushes us to search out danger and wrong doing because of the adrenaline rush, why do you think people cheat on their spouses? Because of the unknown, that adrenaline rush of something they didn’t think could happen…….it’s the same reason soooo many people are addicted to horro movies, because it’s pleasurable, again, human instincts………people ingore what they SHOULD do and instead do what the WANT to do……but my dear, if you have a willing heart and open mind, God will reveal himself to you, every single day……sometimes it will be harder to hear him or feel it, but he is there……if you need someone to talk to, send me a message……..take care of yourself 🙂

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