Ghost Hunting Quotes

by admin on August 14, 2010

ghost hunting quotes

ghost hunting quotes

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Laws that apply to ghost hunting?

I recently started a new paranormal group and on our next meeting I want to explain to them the laws and punishments for things that pertain to ghost hunting such as trespassing laws. Specifically in Connecticut.

I want to show them the severity of the consequences and be able to quote laws to prevent them from going off and doing things illegally.

Would start with the trespass laws. Would copy them and hand a copy to everyone to keep. Many times the most interesting places are also in terrible shape. And there are beings in the dark in large empty buildings far worse than ghosts. Homeless people and gang members can be scared by the surprise factor of your group and behave badly.

Do not let people break down into groups smaller than 3. If a person gets hurt then there is 1 person to stay with them and 1 person to get help. These places are full of rusty nails. Make sure everyone has had a tetanus shot in the last 6 years. Take lots of extra batteries, full batteries can get drained instantly. And this can happen several times. I always wondered if a person brought them a case of batteries – like a box of chocolates – if they would leave the batteries in the equipment alone.

Many times the owners of the buildings do not give permission for a hunt because they are afraid that someone will get hurt and sue. Some times they will accept a written binding statement, from each hunter, that no matter what happens it’s not their problem.
Hope you have lots of fun.
Good luck.

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