Ghost Hunting Quiz

by admin on September 14, 2010

ghost hunting quiz

ghost hunting quiz

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Where is the book Where the Red Ferns Grow on the internet?! and question about the book!!?

anyone know where i can find the book Where The Red Fern Grow on the internet?! like a copy of the book (well atleast chapels 10-13). If there is not 🙁 i also have to take a quiz and here are the questions?

1. During the first season Billy hunts, the price of the coons skin goes up because people’s interest in coonskin coats. At this time, what is a good-size connskin worth? _________________
2. What does Billy do with all the money he earns from his coon hunting _______________________________________________________________
3. How does the ghost coon earn his name? __________________________________________
Well my book fall out in my locker so now i do not have the book 🙁 and have have to do chapters 10-13 and put into paragraph

If you’re looking for an E-book try If you forgot your book at school and didn’t go to the public library to check out a copy, then you may be out of luck. Most free e-books need to be out of copyright (100 years old).

Good luck on the quiz.

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