Ghost Hunting Places

by admin on September 22, 2010

ghost hunting places

ghost hunting places

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How Does A Ghost Hunt Take Place?

What happens and what does one need to go on a ghost hunting trip?

Ghost hunting takes guts and an open mind, which is why a strong and willing team is an added asset. Most people ‘hunt ghosts’ for kicks. Be clear about what your intentions, perceptions and limits are.

Mark up a scouring area known for hauntings. Your local tour guide might have ideas on this, but researching history on the Internet is a better option. Look up case studies and other people’s experiences hunting ghosts — specially sites like the International Ghost Hunters Society and Ghost Hunting 101. If possible, you can join them (or get them to join you) based on mutual interests and common goals. Always start with your local area (or a place you know) before fanning out to unfamiliar grounds.

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