Ghost Hunting Parties

by admin on April 21, 2010

ghost hunting parties

ghost hunting parties

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Ghost Hunters with party pals

Dream interpitation ? “Where is my whore of a girlfriend”?

I had a dream that i met my ex at a party who i havent seen im a year. in the dream just like real life she started smoking when we broke up. when she came up to me to say hi she had that raspy old woman smokers voice , and i was like whats up with that , and she was like i dont know. then she asked me back out and whatever. so she was talking to these guys who were like peurto rican gang members and was flirting with them. then i walked away for a second when i cam back she was gone. i started walking up to everyone saying ” Where is my whore of a girlfriend”?? and every single person said relax she left for a minite by herself.

The raspy smokers voice was the most pronunced part of the dream along side of my repepeditive quote.

also we went ghost hunting last night , maybe that sparked the dream?/ idk

no it didn’t. ghost hunting only sparks ghost to appear in dreams not people.its your subconscious worrying and trying to tell you

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