Ghost Hunting Package

by admin on March 30, 2010

ghost hunting package

ghost hunting package

How To Share Love And Leave That Challenging Legacy For Posterity

Love is the most expensive commodity in the world market place. To lust is cheap than to actually love. Love is kind and patience, and counts no condition. Love is greater than pain itself and is stronger than death. It is only love that can steal from the death. No human is ever complete without love. What shatters dreams of many is lack of love. What hopeless people of the world need most is love. It is greater than any physical aid. Across the transatlantic are people living in siege devastated by fellow men and abandon to fate for survival. These men and women are treated with scorn and disdain by those who presides over their lives. Their leaders feeds sumptuously on tax payers money and buy condo in Swiss, even in the face of worst climatic conditions eating up the land. The leaders send their children abroad to get the best education, because they are not ready to revamp the education framework in the land. Could this be true legacy of love of a leader over impoverished and frustrated people? Love is not correctly spell in these lands, hence, the mortals make scarifies with their blood trying to live off fate.

African political independent have brooded more tyrants than people-oriented leaders. They simply assume offices while the black waters of colonization belief deepen in them like the death boiling in the cauldron of the witches in Macbeth. Come! Come! And see what happen to a people richly blessed by Mother Nature with the best mineral resources, yet, live in misery. Children born in this land grow up to hate the land because of evil and wickedness men perpetuate against each other. They regret the day of their birth because appointment with life has turned out sour and bitter. They prefer to live in the worst asylum around the world than to live in their birth place. Tell me, what is more excruciating than a born prince chose to live lower than a slave as a second class citizen in asylum? Love is missing somewhere. Love is the answer to hopeless people. Potent soothing therapy that can save any traumatized people.

It is love that strengthened ten year old ravaged by war, dehumanized by hungry and eaten up by diseases to find strength and courage enough to bury his family of twelve amidst the flying bullets and ranting of rebels missiles. A family comprised of his parents, blood siblings, two grandma and two cousins. This is true legacy of love coming from a tiny creature of fate that struggled to share his ordeal before given up the ghost. He was brought down not by assassins bullets not by the rebel missiles, but died in a ruined hunt for not accessing same love he has shown to others. Fred of a boy was a hero in his own little world. Who knows how many Fred are in those little ones across the earth vast expansive spaces of Africa dying of hunger and being eaten up daily by treatable diseases.

They need our love because they have two hands, two legs, two eyes, and have names. They are humans and not monkeys. We cannot allow this agony to continue when we have abundance to reach out for their relief. It is human to give to relief but much more divine to go down to these man-made jungles to give and show relief that is not transferable. It can only be shown by the one who has it. Over there in Haiti more people die for lack of love than for lack of aid. Relief must not be physically packaged in cartons, but can also be shown by physical presence. Someone needs to tell this people the end has not come yet. Someone needs to share in their pains. Many camps are running out of relief materials like drugs, food and security. More consignments are needed to keep this people and raise hope back in them. Children need to go back to school, parents go back to work if there be any, and lives really need to continue in earnest. Leave a true legacy of your love today, and immortalize your name on the earth achieve of greatness

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Ritchie Felix have served as two times e-Consultant on Youth and I CPD Policy Documents for 2008/2009. was invited to deliver paper on 15th of December, 2008 at NATIONAL HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY on addressing ” YOUTH POVERTY IN NIGERIA”, under the auspices of Young People Initiatives, sponsored by: UK Department for International Development, United States AID, and other international agencies. He is ” DISPLAY Alumni: Democracy Series, Participation and Active Youth ” season 4 under Young stars Development Initiative & NED, WASHINGTON D.C, USA. He is a prolific Writer with several published works. Google more about Ritchie Felix at:

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