Ghost Hunting Oxford

by admin on July 21, 2010

ghost hunting oxford

ghost hunting oxford

If you have watched any of the current “Ghost Hunting” programs on television, I am sure you have heard the TV ghost hunters refer to what “research shows”. By way of example, the most frequent one I hear is “research shows that when spirits manifest, they give off electromagnetic frequencies that we can pick up with our EMF detectors”. Indeed, they call what they are doing in their shows as “paranormal research”. What is research? How should searches be carried out to follow true research protocol? I will show you, here, what we do and what is and isn’t true about research.

Where ever possible, ghost or what we call “anomalous phenomena” investigations should maintain some scientific parameters considered appropriate for research. Any deviation from that model should be documented as a controversy in the findings. All of what we see on television and what we do is a part of research that is, actually, only in the “information gathering” phase and is primarily aimed at the documentation of experience and findings within the parameters of the circumstances established and within the limits of the current technology available. To draw conclusions based on limited or contaminated information is erroneous and dangerous. On the other hand, to say that the reports are flawed, therefore, useless, is far too dismissive in scope.

In order for the information to have any true value it must include in the reports themselves the mechanism whereby flaws and weaknesses are identified. In this way researchers with more resources can pick up where our resources have been exhausted. Therefore, our mission is to explore certain questions, requests and experiences that appear to have anomalous circumstances involved and to report findings based upon a model that includes as much baseline information and process detail as possible within the limits of our current technology and resources.

It needs to be understood that while what is defined as quantitative research and is bound by numbers, there, too, are qualitative designs that have as a base, anecdotal information such as case studies and witness reports. All of this information is valuable. However, as I have pointed out, the limits of the information and the discrepancies in procedure must be identified. All discrepancies and limits must be included in the discussion and conclusion along with a clear description of the method. Again, much of what we do will be the compilation of information. Conclusions may be possible in some circumstances but it is likely that the compilation may most often be the end product and represent the limits to which we can extend. Hopefully, in total, the information may be of some use for the field in general. Next Article: Identify your own weaknesses and strengths.

By Gary L. Nichols, Ph.D.

Gary L. Nichols. He is a Ph.D. in counseling psychology and a Master’s in education with certification in special education. 30 years experience in mental health, with a special focus on adolescent victims of child physical and sexual abuse. He is currently working in the field of special education in the public school system.

His resources have been utilized by law enforcement agencies, mental health professionals and medical and medical/psychiatric doctors. She regularly speaks to psychology classes at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. She has done readings for many New York based theater professionals and has been used by police departments in two states for help on missing persons cases and attempted murder cases. As a team, we provide education on individual life management, intuitive gifts, and LEGITIMATE work in the field. We keep abreast of the real research into intuitive gifts of many kinds and other phenomena in human experience.

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