Ghost Hunting Ovilus

by admin on June 12, 2010

ghost hunting ovilus

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With the popularity of TV shows such and Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures and Paranormal State, many people are becoming more interested in paranormal investigations. People have a genuine curiosity about the unknown and what lies beyond. So can spirits communicate with us today?

For many years, electronic voice phenomena (EVP) has appeared in recordings of all types. Old reel to reel tape recorders used to be used in the past and many famous recordings were taken using those old recorders. Even more recently, mini cassette recorders have used and the same effects appear.

What effects? Voices, groans, clanks, bangs and other things that go bump in the night. In many cases voices can be heard on recordings clearly saying words or even responding to questions. Other times you barely hear a muffled word or a whisper. Sometimes you really have to strain to try and make out what is being said. There are many qualities of EVP recording. There lies one of the biggest problems.

The skeptics will always argue that people are naturally pattern makers so we hear what we want to hear. They will say that the electronic devices are picking up interference from surrounding broadcasts in the air. While this may have been more possible in the past with older electronic devices. Today’s modern digital voice recorders are much less likely to pick up any radio interference.

Today’s interest in talking to spirits is led by thousands of curious researchers armed with meters and digital voice recorders.These part time investigators of the other side are discovering that someone is trying to talk to them. Voices are whispering their names and responding to them. The evidence is piling up world wide and boundaries between the living and the dead are being explored and documented.

Today is it easy to grab a digital voice recorder and see if anyone wants to say anything. Find a quite place and click record and ask some questions. Pause a few seconds between each question so they can answer. Just know that you will not always hear anything. There may not be anyone there now who wants to talk. Listen carefully for the responses as they are often one word and whispered.

This is one of the problems with standard EVP methods. The difficulty in hearing the one or two word responses. Sometimes folks actually have to use software to amplify the recorded audio to try and hear the EVP. This turns many people off of trying EVP for themselves so they turn to devices like the Franks Box, Ghost box or Ovilus to try and make better communication with the other side.

Why not click record and see if anyone wants to talk to you!

Jason is an internationally trusted psychic and paranormalist who enjoys helping others find the answers to the questions they have in life. As a paranormal investigator he has helped many researches establish 2 way spirit communication using simple methods. – Trusted psychic reader and paranormalist

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You are wasting your time on this one as our current experiments show a terrible success ratio. If you want to know it, it is 0.06% accurate. Believe it or not, the iPhone Ghost Radar app is 1.02% accurate. We don’t use them at this point.

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