Ghost Hunting Orbs

by admin on July 2, 2010

ghost hunting orbs

ghost hunting orbs

York is the most haunted City in Europe. There are supposedly 140 ghosts in the City itself. The most famous sighting which has been widely reported in England was in 1953 when Harry Martindale witnessed 20 Roman soldiers walking through a wall in the cellar of the Treasurer’s House.

York is a beautiful city too and a marvelous place to have a holiday. There is so much to see and do. It’s Gothic Cathedral is a splendid place well worth a visit. It is such a magnificent building, such superb architecture and some of the best medieval stained glass in the world is to be found here. There has been a religious building on the site since 627AD. Nearby there are haunted museums, galleries, churches, medieval homes and streets.

You can visit the Jorvik center. The early Viking heritage of York was found during building work and the area carefully researched and preserved. You now have a great place to see, feel and smell what York was like in Viking times 1,000 years ago.

A visit to Clifford’s Tower is a must. If anywhere is haunted this place must be. In 1190 during anti-Jewish riots in York, a group of 150 Jews took refuge in the Tower. They were given the choice of either being baptised or killed. But they took a third option and many of the Jews committed suicide rather then allow themselves to be captured by the bloodthirsty mob outside. The Tower was then set on fire and those who finally surrendered were massacred and murdered. The rest of its history was just as bloody with further murders and hangings.

York has a bloody and cruel history of torture, hangings and murder. No wonder the place is haunted. After reading a little of it’s past you would expect a ghost on every street corner.

The Shambles in York is known to be one of England’s if not Europe’s finest examples of a medieval street. It has many overhanging timber built shops and houses. It has been around for about 900 years and was named in the Domesday book. What is today a marvelous shopping street and tourist and photographers delight was once a place of violence and persecution.

You can of course stay at a wide variety of Hotels, guest houses and B&B’s. But there are also Haunted Hotels. If you don’t want to get a wink of sleep you might try one of them.

During the evening there is a wonderful Ghost Trail walk which recounts this city’s grisly history and takes you to the most haunted places. The spine tingling experience will probably haunt you and your dreams forever. There is also a Haunted Cruise so you can relax while you are being terrified by tales of murder and mayhem throughout the centuries.

A little research and you will find paranormal groups who have meetings in York and the surrounding area. You can join them at their meetings or go on the ghost hunting trail and explore with them the many haunted buildings and streets of York. Searching for the paranormal and a ghostly sighting or two.

If you are looking for something really different to do, try a ghost hunt in York.

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GHOST HUNTING WITH TAZPS the grand hotel pt 1

are there places to visit in or around the charleston/mount pleasant sc area for my wife and I to ghost hunt?

not looking for “tourist trap” type places, just an old cemetary/building. or if you know where to find spirits,orbs etc. thanks for the help.

Here is a link to “ghostly” information that was not related to a link for tours….
Even if some of these are on the tour routes, you may be able to figure out a time to visit them when the tours aren’t there.

An interesting story here…

Another site:

Hope you find what you’re looking for….

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