Ghost Hunting Orbs

by admin on June 14, 2010

ghost hunting orbs

ghost hunting orbs

Cape Cod ghost stories are popular year round, not just during Halloween. Perhaps this article will send some chills up your spine.

Rich in ghostly lore and legend, Cape Cod’s Hyannis Library just recently joined the paranormal fray.

Four paranormal researchers have been investigating the Hyannis Library and it’s inner depths. The Cape Cod Times has been keeping up to date with this, and what is being discovered will likely give you the chills.

Hunting Ghosts

The oldest part of the building is the Ora Hinckley Wing. It was named after the organization’s first full time librarian. She served in 1909 up until she passed away in 1943. This is where the Cape Cod ghost hunters huddled. David Sircom, who is the founder of Massachusetts Paranormal Institute, truly believes that Ora’s spirit still looms within the library stacks. Hinckley died a long time ago, more than sixty years from now.

Disembodied voices of several spirits were caught on tape – examples of electronic voice phenomena. These were accumulated by Sircom and his teammates during two evenings of investigating the library.

Proof Of The Paranormal

Using an electromagnetic field detector, Sircom and his team entered the Hinckley Wing. There Sircom had his investigator make inquiries to the former librarian using the detector, questions that resulted in yes or no answers.

Many investigators believe spirits are made up of energy. To manifest themselves, they use any available energy throughout. Fluctuations in electromagnetic fields are detected with EMF meters and can many times give indication of paranormal activity.

The EMF detector has five lights – more lights will show up when in presence of a stronger field. One light appearing defines a normal baseline. Sircom had Hinckley lighting up as many lights as possible for all answers that were affirmative.

“Ora, are you alone?”

The investigator barely had time to complete this question when he noticed the meter strongly displaying three lights.

Using a series of video cameras, EMF detectors and digital voice recorders, the investigators were able to essentially cast a net over the whole library. It was with this equipment that they were able to capture Hinckley’s voice on tape.

Investigators next asked Ora if she got along with a former colleague. In response, Hinckley answered, softly whispering the word ‘No’. This voice did not belong to anyone else in the room.

More Chilling Encounters At The Library

Those working at the Hyannis Library have had their own chilling encounters with ghosts as well.

It has been reported that sometimes employees can smell pipe tobacco in the library. Some hold the belief that this smell is attributed to George Kelly. George is a former (i.e., passed away) library employee who enjoyed smoking pipes inside the building before he died.

One evening an employee was checking in books and scanning them on the computer. For just a brief minute she turned away from the computer. When she turned around to continue working, the monitor had a book about ghosts displayed on it. A book that the employee claimed she did not scan into the computer.

Chilling indeed.

Enter At Your Own Risk!

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Ghost Hunters Bloopers


okay so we like to go ghost hunting and we video tape.. well on this video tape was orbs and was a ‘whoooo anyone out there” none of us said that! and like 5 times on the tape said ”let me through” what does that mean when they say let me through?

It means get out the way and let them through. Why the spirit is saying that is the question. What happened before they died that they would rush to get to or get away from. Maybe they were in a crowd and they were running from someone and they were telling the others in the crowd to let him through so he could get to safety.

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