Ghost Hunting Oahu

by admin on August 2, 2010

ghost hunting oahu

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The public is hungry for genuine evidence of paranormal spirits. Surely individuals who have had paranormal experiences believe in the authenticity of the spiritual world, but for the most part, people remain skeptical. Photographs and video cameras offer exciting, innovative ways to document concrete evidence of apparitions and it is truly every spirit hunter’s dream to capture such telling proof to validate their ghost stories. Unfortunately, for every “real” spirit photo, there are fifty fakes, and it can be difficult to distinguish legitimacy, especially now that there are such advanced photo-editing programs on computers. That being said, the following ghosts are said to be some of the most authentic caught on camera.

One of the most famous photographs of paranormal activity is the 1936 Brown Lady of Raynham Hall. The picture shows a ghostly white apparition of a woman in a white dress descending the staircase. Reportedly, this apparition has been appearing since the 1700s, but has not been seen or heard of since the photo was taken. The spirit is believed to be Lady Townshend, who was rumored to have been locked up in the house by her husband for years after her “faked” funeral.

In 1835, a guest at the house reported seeing a woman in a brown satin dress with eyes gouged out. This particular picture was taken by two unassuming photographers for Country Life magazine. The assistant had been startled by a sudden, fleeting glimpse of the ghost, but the paranormal sightings were confirmed after the film was developed. So far no one has been able to dispute the authenticity of the picture.

The strange thing about pictures of paranormal phenomenon is that most people don’t report any paranormal experiences at the time and only see the apparition later, upon developing the film. Such was the case of a 1959 photograph taken by Mrs. Mabel Chinnery, who was photographing her husband seated in a car at the cemetery after they had just finished visiting her mother’s grave. Later, she was shocked to see a female figure wearing glasses seated in the back seat of the car, as though she were patiently waiting to be driven home! Photographic experts are struck by how solid and real this ghost appears, yet they have been unable to document it as a fake.

A third convincing photograph of paranormal experiences was taken in 1919 by Sir Victor Goddard. As was the custom, a routine photograph was being taken of a World War I squadron of airmen. When the picture was developed, an extra face was clearly noted in the crowd. The face belonged to Freddy Jackson, an airplane mechanic who had been killed by an airplane propeller two days prior! The men had attended his funeral earlier that day, but apparently his ghostly presence remained. To date, paranormal groups are baffled by this amazing photo!

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