Ghost Hunting Nights Uk

by admin on June 15, 2010

ghost hunting nights uk

ghost hunting nights uk

The figure of ‘the boss’ has often taken a pummeling in history. Everyone remembers David Brent and his frequent hapless attempts at cool bonhomie. The infamous Ebenezer Scrooge set the iconic role of the boss at Christmas in Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, as he grumbled and grumped his way through Christmas before seeing the error of his ways. Christmas is forever marred for bosses who, despite the festive season, have to attempt to keep their businesses running at anything like a normal pace and keep their staff focused. In this case it might not come as a surprise that they are often labelled as the title suggests, and are not all that interested in Christmas gifts.

So then, the head of your particular work is in line for a Christmas gift, but what can you get someone who possibly does not feel the festive spirit as others do. Obviously, you could go for the typical Christmas Gifts, deodorants, perfumes, showers gels, a book or even the dreaded socks, but although we groan about the latter they are always essential!

Nowadays, however, the advent and ease of internet shopping has enabled people to search for that almost unfathomable present from the stress-free haven of their own home. This must be better than questing down the bustling high street with other anxious Christmas shoppers having not a clue which shop to fall into next.

Unique and interesting Christmas gift ideas are also more prevalent and easy to find on the internet. Many sites also sub-divide so that even those not entirely au fait with internet shopping can find exactly what they want quickly and easily.

Even a cursory search of the web shows that there are many, many Christmas gift ideas, ranging from the exotic and thrill-seeking to the more sedate and thoughtful. An example of the former could be to get the work-force to club together and send the Scrooge in your office on a Flying Lesson Experience Day, something that would surely bring a smile to anyone’s face, providing they are not petrified of heights of course! There are also other days to be had, like driving supercars such as Lamborghinis and Ferraris, or experiences as adrenaline-filled and different as rock climbing and ghost hunting.

For the more reserved boss, there are still great Christmas gift ideas. For sports nuts especially, there are some excellent Christmas gifts around, such as a World’s Greatest Golfer mug. A nice addition to the former is the “501 reasons to play golf” book, which though thoughtful might cause problems with your boss’s significant other!

One particular idea that stood out along this line is the “You’re a Legend: Personalised Football Commentary” gift. This brings to life the footballing fantasies of your boss as a professional commentator changes or creates a little bit of football history for them. You could have them making the decisive intervention in a big game or even changing England’s perilous record in penalty competition by stepping up themselves! This is obviously a fantastically original Christmas gift for football fans. Further ideas include sets for putting on different nights, such as a poker set and a complete horse racing set.

For a personal touch there are other great Christmas gifts solutions. A personalised bottle of wine or whiskey would be a nice gift, as would an engraved hip flask. An engraved pen and holder is also a good idea along this theme.

For the quirky or different boss, or just to get a Christmas gift a bit different from the norm, there are also other original gift ideas. One Christmas gift idea that stands out along this theme is the “Lord and Lady Gift box”. This box enables the receiver to use the title Laird, the equivalent of which is Lord or Lady, as the owner of a small piece of Scottish estate. Of course, it is not to be taken wholly seriously, but this is definitely a fun Christmas gift idea.

There is also the Desktop Sign flipbook, which has 30 different hilarious sayings to display, bringing some levity to your workplace. Other great fun Christmas gift ideas include a Swiss cheese door wedge and Mr Tickle cufflinks, all of which should bring a smile to even the most Scrooge-esque of bosses!

All in all, with the internet now giving a hitherto unknown range and selection of gift ideas, there is now no excuse not to get the boss in your life a Christmas gift, whether they are adrenaline junkies or of a calmer personality. Who knows, but maybe well thought-out Christmas gifts might see you moved up in the promotion stakes at work, and that can’t be a bad thing, can it?!

Written by John Smith co-founder of are one of the UK’s leading on-line retailers of Gifts, personalised gifts and Christmas Gifts. Their website is packed with over 1,500 gifts for any special occasion.

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