Ghost Hunting New Orleans

by admin on March 22, 2010

ghost hunting new orleans

ghost hunting new orleans

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I’m going ghost hunting this weekend in New Orleans, what should I bring ?

Will a ghost show up on a camera ?

These tips are from with some others thrown as well as some editting.

1. Do your homework! Research the story of the property and the entities that haunt it before you go.

2. Leave your pets and children at home for their own safety.

3. Know where you’re going and take a fully charged cell phone with you (if you have one). Write down the directions and/or bring a map if needed.

4. Be sure that your mind is focused on the hunt. Do not go on a ghost hunt if your mind is preoccupied, or if your are depressed, or angry. Negative feelings will interfere with your perception. Be sure to eat before an investigation as well so your mind won’t be preoccupied by hunger. Take emergency snacks and water with you if necessary.

5. Be respectful of the locations and the dead. Don’t litter or vandalize.

You should not, under any circumstances, ever tresspass. If you do, there is always the possibility you will be arrested. Plus, trepassing gives the field a bad reputation and may turn the owner off from allowing future ghost hunters on the property.

How do you avoid getting in trouble with the law? Contact the owner/caretaker of the property and ask if it would be ok for your group to hunt there. If they say no, move on to another place.

6. Always look for any potential causes for any phenomenon and rule them out. You need to eliminate all other explanations for your evidence have a stronger proof.

7. No alcohol (or drugs for that matter) should be consumed prior to a hunt. Being under the influence is a bad idea because it will negatively affect your senses and
hurt your credibility. Same philosophy applies to illness. For instance anyone with a cough, fever, or on heavy pain medication should definately sit this hunt out.

8. To record EVPs at a location you will need a cassette recorder, microcassette recorder, or digital recorder. Some people recommend using an external microphone with your recorder because it can helps reduce picking up the sounds caused by the machine as it is recording .

EVP stands for Electronic Voice Phenomena and refers to the recording of a sound or voice that can not be linked to a live person who was present at the time or due to a physical cause. The sounds may come across very loud, and other times the sounds are very faint. Sometimes you’ll be unable to make out actual words, you’ll just hear moaning, wailing, breathing, footsteps, chattering (like a party is going on), music, or even words in a foreign language.

At the beginning of any recording, be sure to state into the recorder the date, time, location, and the names of the people present for the investigation. Try the highest possible recording level to get the best results.

When you begin asking questions, try to ask simple ones. Ask each question in a clear voice (don’t whisper) and allow some silence between each question. Remember, more than likely you won’t hear a response until you play the tape back.

9. Do not wear perfume, cologne, or fragrance. You want to be able to smell what is there. Haunted places often have odors. Spirits have been know to use scents and smells to get our attention.

10. Be prepared for possible changes in the weather and temperature, especially if your location is outdoors or doesn’t have air/heat. Wear comfortable clothing and shoes.

Depending upon your location, it may also be good idea to have a first aid kit handy. Also don’t forget to bring any medications that you or someone in your group may need, such as an asthma inhaler.

11. Never ghost hunt alone. Going alone may sound great, especially on those nights that you have nothing to do and you just want to get out and hunt and there is nobody available to go with you. But you shouldn’t do it!Anything can happen on a hunt that you aren’t expecting. You might get hurt, maybe seriously, and if there’s nobody there with you to help you, you could be in real trouble.

It also helps to validate things you may collect on a hunt. If something moves on it’s own or floats in mid-air, or a door slams shut, it’s going to be easier for others to believe you if there was someone with you that experienced it too. Even pictures don’t mean as much if you’re alone.

Having someone with you is also good for support. Going into an expected haunted place by yourself can make your skin crawl, even if it’s not haunted.

12. Take extra batteries! It is believed that spirits draw energy from the things around them. That’s why the air gets cold all of a sudden even in a house with no air in the middle of a desert when a ghost is near. This also helps to explain why certain things turn themselves on and off like radios and tvs. A lot of people also experience cold chills or light headedness when encountering a ghost.

That also means that they can, and will, get their energy from your camera, flashlight, EVP recorder, etc. And all of those get their energy from? You guessed it, batteries.

13. Always bring a flashlight.

14. Take tons of pictures! In any given hunt, you’ll want to take 50 to 200 pictures or more. The more pics the better. You might take 50 pictures and get 40 with something odd, or you might take 200 pictures with no unusual activity. It happens. Don’t get discouraged. Getting a picture with a ghost or anomoly is almost like winning the lottery.

Also, when taking pictures, remember to keep your hair tied back if you have long hair, and to also watch the camera strap. Getting those in the way of the picture, including your fingers or thumb, can be mistaken for a ghost or entity and those pictures are no good.

Never ever take pics in the rain, snow , fog, or areas with high humidity or cigarette smoke. This could cause false orbs. Also, if you’re in an area with a lot of dust, wait for it to settle before taking pictures. If it is cool outside, hold your breath while snapping photos outside so that your breath doesn’t show up on camera.

15. Stay Positive! Even if you’re a skeptic, some things may feed off of negative energy. If you begin to feel overwhelmed, slowly leave the investigation area and take a break.

16. Remember to have fun!

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