Ghost Hunting Meters

by admin on May 6, 2010

ghost hunting meters

ghost hunting meters

Using Your Car Batteries To Power The Paranormal

By Eric Martin (

We’ve all heard the stories of ghosts draining DC camera batteries when people are on an investigation.  If the “ghosts” are really draining the batteries for energy, then what happens when you give them a really big battery? 

I believe the future is going to reveal incredible ghost apparitions. Why? Because we are moving towards  a future with electric cars that have incredibly large batteries.  As we see more and more electric cars on the road we will also be hearing more fantastic accounts of the paranormal. In other words, if your future includes an electric car, make sure your future house is not haunted or you may never make it to work on time.

O.K., here is what you will need for this experiment:

1) One or Two car batteries that are either new or from your own vehicle in which case they are known to be working properly.

2) A battery charger with a Meter.

What you do:

1. Make sure the battery(s) are fully charged and note the charge level on the meter from your charger.

2. Place the battery(s) in a location where known paranormal phenomena occur. Note: Do not place the battery directly on the floor, especially if the floor is concrete. Place the battery on a milk crate, chair, or anything else just to get it up off the floor.

3. Setup your camera to film the area around the batteries. Start your camera and leave the building.

4. When you return later,  the first thing you want to do is hook up your battery charger and check out the reading. If the battery is dead, then you may have something on camera.

5. If nothing happens the first time, try again.

An even simpler test is to take your already working car battery out of your car and place it in a haunted location. Leave it there overnight. The next day, put the battery back into your car (make sure the connections and terminals are clean. Now try to start your car.  If nothing happens when you turn the key, then you may have just generated evidence of a haunting. Car batteries should not lose energy over a period of a few hours. That is why your car starts when you go to work in the morning.

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About the Author

Eric Martin is the founder of the Ghost Engineers ( Eric uses engineering and science to get to the truth behind paranormal activity. After his first experiment in a haunted cemetery using high-powered DC batteries, Eric has been a believer. Using these large power sources a mysterious blue mist formed and hovered above the battery. The mist then moved and hovered above the 2nd battery placed 20 feet away. Ever since that, Eric has been dedicated to using science to find out what Ghosts are made of and how we might build a device to actually see and talk to them.

Eric is currently designing a system to keep the nation’s trains from colliding into each other.  The system uses GPS satellites to track the train’s locations. If two trains get too close, a computer instructs the trains to slow down and apply the brakes. Many lives will be saved from this system. You can reach Eric at

Eric has a B.S. Degree in Applied Mathematics for Engineering and a B.S. Degree in Computer Science from the University of Pittsburgh. He is currently working in Los Angeles, the site of the most recent train collision in which 25 people died on a Metrolink commuter train when it collided with a train from the Union Pacific railroad.

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Ghost Hunting – Using EMF Meters

would mesuring radio fields be any help for paranormal investigation (ghost hunting)?

i have a field strenght SWR meter, and was wondering if it could possibly be any help in paranormal investigation

I may be wrong, but I bet if you use one and claim success, then all the paranormal investigators will start using one. Just a guess.

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