Ghost Hunting Materials

by admin on July 1, 2010

ghost hunting materials

ghost hunting materials

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How are crystals or other materials affected by psychic or paranormal phenomena?

I would like to build a device which detects ghosts or other paranormal activity. I don’t trust EMF detectors or such like they have on those ghost-hunting shows as those could be set off by things which are not ghosts (unshielded electrical power sources, natural static electricity, etc.). I would rather have the device be specific to phenomenon in question.

I have read stuff about crystals having powers to absorb, channel, and project psychic energy. If this is the case, would there be detectable changes in vibrations, temperature, pressure, etc. around crystals when ghosts or psychic activity is present? If not, is there another material which would react in a predictable and measurable way?


One problem with your theory.. Everything including ghosts work on a level of electricity. all electrical forces means gravity, sense of balance etc. no mater the device, electrical energy can mess with it. even dowsers and EMF and optical receptors. nice try though.

I really do wish there was a real way to prove the supernatural, until then i guess we will just have to keep doing what we do and listen to the signs. maybe my blog could help

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