Ghost Hunting Los Angeles

by admin on April 26, 2010

ghost hunting los angeles

ghost hunting los angeles


Los Angels, the city of angels is well known for Hollywood and all the movies and entertainment that come out of it every year, but what some people don’t believe is that there are actually a lot of fun, exciting stuff to do in and around the city as well; this is a little escort to some of my private beloved places to go in the city.
Disney Land
I had to put this one in first place as I can’t think of a place where I’ve had more fun in my life, this place strictly is magical and a blast. The rides are all very exciting especially the one that goes through the mountain, and not only is fun for kids, but it also is a fun place for adults as well. The park is open till late and they have good restaurants on the premises as well. This destination is legendary throughout the intact world and you will see a lot of foreigners and tourists here on an occupied day. The little expensive fee isn’t too bad considering you can be there for the complete day.
The Queen Mary
This gigantic passenger ship lays in the Port of Long Beach and is very notorious for being the luxurious ocean facing that did a thousand and one trips between the States and Europe, now the vessel has been bowed into an hotel with numerous splendid restaurants and nightclubs. People say the boat is obsessed and they have several activities on board that counting hunting for ghosts and whatnot, whether you are staying on the boat or just there for a few hours to explore, this boat is both fun and mysterious and a must see for people visiting the sphere.
Knott’s Berry Farmed
Although this legendary amusement park is no attain for Disney land it still is never the fewer a fun and exciting place to go to droop out with the kids, each of the rides has a stimulate rating and some of them get cute stitch terrifying, but of course all the extra fun. The ticket is cheaper than Disney Land but it is a smaller park so there are fewer rides to go, while with the entire long outline there are chances you might not even be able to do all the rides on a single day. A good thing about this place is that they have very cheap food and drinks, which is great to have in between a long day out in the sun.
Universal Studios
The renowned film production visitors that everybody has heard of has a huge amusement park inside as well as some brilliant restaurants. I would say that the funniest part of the studio is winning a tour through the show sets, it’s grand to see the outside set of Jaws, or the even clang from the War of the Worlds recreate, it is an amazing place and can be enjoyed by adults and children alike.

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Ghost Hunters (1 of 4)

Would anyone like to start a Ghost Hunting team with me in Los Angeles?

I recently was going to start my own Ghost Hunting team, but could not find anyone serious enough to join and put their free time to Hunting down some spirits. I am looking for outgoing individuals, male or female, over the age of 18 who are not afraid of the unknown :). Please send me an email if you are interested.

For a “Hunting answer”, According to the Ca. DFG “Ghosts” are not listed among the approved game list. Therefore they are protected and there is no season or limit.

The question should have been posted in the religion section.

Now for a religious answer,

Ghosts are not what most people think they are. Many assume that they are the spirits of departed humans. This is far from the truth. Ghosts are demons, angels that were kicked out of heaven with lucifer and his cohorts. They are here to deceive even the most Elect into believing anything other than the the truth of the living word of God. It is no joke to be messing with the devil and unless you yourself are a “Born again” believer in the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior, you will be subjecting yourself to the full power of satan himself. I have truly been there and done that participating in the exorcising of demons and will not under any circumstances participate with anyone doing this with out the understanding of faith and salvation with great prayer and fasting before even beginning to attempt an exorcism.

I wish you luck should you attempt elswise.

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