Ghost Hunting Kit

by admin on April 13, 2010

ghost hunting kit

ghost hunting kit

21st Birthday Gifts Fit for Celebrities


Singers, sports stars, actors and other celebrities just seem to be getting younger and younger. These days if you haven’t made it to the big time before you turn 21, you might feel over the hill. Those who do hit the big time can earn so much money and live the high life that it must be tough to pick 21st birthday gifts for them well, tough unless you read our guide to what to get them.

Stars who’ll be getting 21st birthday gifts in 2008:

Hilary Duff (28 September): The Lizzie McGuire actress is now embarking on a singing career. She won’t need a recording studio session bought for her, but if she wants to aim for the retro market, perhaps she’d like a 21st Birthday Classic Years CD & Greeting Card – a CD of songs from the year she was born, 1987.

Chanelle Hayes (11 November): The Big Brother contestant clearly wanted to be a celebrity, but she’s not appeared on many magazine covers lately. Perhaps her friends could console her by including a delux glamour makeover session among her 21st birthday gifts.

Dougie Poynter (30 November): The McFly singer got to number one with Star Girl. For one of his 21st birthday gifts, you could immortalise him by naming a star in his honour with a Name a Star Gift Box.

Stars who’ll be getting 21st birthday gifts in 2009:

Glyn Wise (9 January): The Big Brother runner-up won our hearts when he celebrated cooking an egg for the very first time. His off-the-wall personality makes him the ideal recipient for a you’re a good egg – scream canvas a unique edition of the famous Scream painting that’s been the victim of an egging. Either that, or he might still appreciate an Egg Cup & Timer.

Rihanna (20 February): The singer was number one for 12 weeks with Umbrella, so she’d have nothing to fear from outdoor experience day gifts such as a paintballing for two experience day or a Microlighting Flight Experience Day Gift Pack.

Kathryn Blair (2 March): Her dad Tony had to give back his ministerial red boxes when the family left Downing Street, but he could always buy her a Large Red Beaded Heart – Keepsake Box of her own for treasured keepsakes.

Haley Joel Osment (10 April): The actor saw dead people in The Sixth Sense, so he might do well in real life on a ghost hunting experience.

Micha Richards (24 June): Unfortunately the youngest ever defender to play for England missed out on Euro 2008 along with the rest of the squad. But he’ll still be hoping for World Cup glory in a couple of years and in the meantime he can always dream with his very own Personalised Football Commentary – You’re A Legend.

Sam and Amanda Merchant (26 June): Big Brother’s first ever identical twins loved all things pink. With rumours they’ve made a million from product endorsements, they probably won’t be impressed by expensive 21st birthday Gifts, but you could always help them prepare for a jetsetting lifestyle with a pair of pink Bon Voyage Passport Covers.

Stars who’ll be getting 21st birthday gifts in 2010:

Jake Lloyd (5 March): The Phantom Menace may not have been everyone’s cup of tea, but the boy who played Anakin Skywalker could wash away the bad reviews with a Luke Pondwalker rubber duck.

Peaches Geldolf (16 March): The socialite’s dad didn’t like Mondays, but every day of the week is memorable with a personalised calendar and you wouldn’t need Peaches’s reported £250,000 a year to afford one.

Theo Walcott (16 March): The Emirates stadium has become a second home for the Arsenal staff, but now he can grow his own mini Arsenal pitch using the same grass seed formula as the real thing- with a Grow your own Arsenal Pitch kit.

Hayden Panettiere (21 June): In Heroes she played Claire Bennett, a girl who could heal herself. In real life she’s sure to get cuts and grazes like the rest of us but at least she can make light of it with a box of novelty plasters.

Stars who’ll be getting 21st birthday gifts in 2011:

Emma Watson (15 April): Sadly the woman who played Hermione doesn’t have real-life magic powers (as far as we know!) But she can still amaze her friends with a Little Box of Wizard Tricks.

Princess Eugenie (23 March): With a name like that, you probably have to grow up with a sense of humour. If that’s the case, the princess could see the funny side of a ‘Genie in a Bottle’ bottle stopper. Who knows what she’d pick for her three wishes though.

Stars who’ll be getting 21st birthday gifts in 2012:

Jamie Lynn Spears (4 April): As Britney’s younger sibling, she might appreciate a ‘sisters’-themed gift like a fancy photo frame for a snap of the pair.

Stars who’ll be getting 21st birthday gifts in 2013:

Freddie Highmore (14 February): As Freddie played the title role in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, he’d be ideal for a chocolate-themed present. There are dozens of suitable 21st Birthday Gifts to choose from, ranging from luxury hampers to chocolate-themed murder mystery party kits – A Death by Chocolate – Murder Mystery Game maybe.

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Auto-Tune Lukeywes1234

what do you need to put in a homemade ghost hunting kit?

and how do i conduct the hunt, what do i do first ect. thanx 🙂

You can hunt ghosts with simple equipment. Just going out with a regular photo or video camera.

However, if you want a full kit I recommend the following:

Video Camera
Photo Camera
Voice Recorder
EMP Recorder (EMP stands for electro-magnetic pulse).

Video Camera and Photo Camera are obvious, you are looking for visual evidence of ghosts.

Thermometers can pick up changes in temperature. You will want a digital one, as a mercury thermometer or one with a needle might take too long to register quick changes in temperature. Cold-spots are created when ghosts manifest and a thermometer can be used to find these areas and tell you when to start snapping pictures.

Voice recorders are used to pick up the sound of ghosts. Often times we cannot hear them with our own ears, but if we set down a voice recorder and leave for a while, sometimes when the tape is played back there are voices, even though no one was around it.

EMP recorders pick up electro-magnetic pulses. These may be caused by electric wiring, or appliances, but could also be a sign of paranormal activity if found in areas that have no obvious reason for electro-magnetism to be present.

Hope this helps, and enjoy the hunt!

PS: As stated by the one above, Night Vision cameras and Thermal cameras are often great tools as well… but very expensive for the casual hunter. Also EMF and EMP are the same thing, the F stands for frequency.

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