Ghost Hunting Kids

by admin on September 20, 2010

ghost hunting kids

ghost hunting kids

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ghost hunters kids

Ghost Hunters Jason And Grant?

Does Anyone Know what happened to them To Make them start Ghost hunting? Like Any Personal Expirence they had as Kids?

they have never said, i guess because they feel it’s their personal business. jason did say that the experience which happened to him happened while he was on a job site working for roto-rooter, and that he saw a full body apparition but thats as much detail as he went into. i have noticed a few things about them though: 1: have you ever noticed that when they catch an evp, especially female, it’s always the same voice! and 2: they call themselves a non profit organization, but yet they are on the sci-fi channel payroll! 3: why is it that everytime they catch any evidence it is always their cameras or them personally who see them, not the sci-fi crew cameras. i think it’s a con job myself but i could be wrong. 4: everything that happens can be explained, and usually the simplest explanation is the right one.

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