Ghost Hunting Kent

by admin on September 5, 2010

ghost hunting kent

ghost hunting kent

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Ghost Hunters (2010)

Has anyone any experience of Ghost Search UK?

This is a ghost hunting company based in Kent. I was thinking of attending one of their ghost hunt nights but they only have two venues albeit on different dates for the rest of the year but nothing for next year.
Their website looks absolutely brilliant ( which leads me to believe that they are somewhat professional

Their website is one of the best ghost hunting websites on the internet (as their designer works for some high profile companies according to his own website), packed full of good quality evidence in the form of videos and sound files. I don’t go much on their videos of orbs or photos of orbs or light anomalies as they call it. IMO these are just dust or insects. As a professional photographer I have seen many of these so called orbs & most of the time it’s dust, people don’t realise that dust is everywhere and if there is a flash or an infra-red light then the dust will be illuminated if it is in the focal range of the camera. Fortunately they don’t dwell on this as being the only form of paranormal activity, which is just as well considering how many old buildings they go into. There’s bound to be dust and dirt in them and if someone walks in a room that dust is going to fly in all directions due to the airflow of someone moving the air. If any paranormal company had a lock off camera or a camera in a room that no-one has entered for a least 15mins (it takes approx. 15 minutes for dust to settle in a room with no air flow) and then there were orbs or light anomalies then I would be more inclined to believe it, but I would still like to see two cameras, one filming the other so that when something passes in front of one camera, a viewer could see that no human was responsible. I
would never go to one of these ghost hunts, as I’m a scientific person and I like to see tangible proof and evidence, not listening to someone telling me what they “feel”. It’s also a shame that you can’t rate their investigation sites on the web based on the evidence they capture, obviously they don’t want negative press, but if they allowed people to vote or rate the evidence this would give them more credibility.

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