Ghost Hunting Ir Cameras

by admin on June 3, 2010

ghost hunting ir cameras

ghost hunting ir cameras

Ghosts have fascinated believers and nonbelievers alike for centuries. They have provided ample material for conversations, movies, stories, poems, novels, songs, and so on. The debate as to whether ghosts exist of not still rages as fiercely as it did several centuries ago. Nearly half the population believes in ghosts, while the other half comprises rationalists who say that everything on earth can be explained by science.

Definition Of Ghost

The term “ghost” is widely used to describe the soul or spirit of a deceased person who finds it difficult to leave the earthly plane and move to higher dimensions. The spirit might have refused to leave owing to strong attachment to people, places, or things or unfinished jobs. For example, the victim of a murder might hang around long enough to see his murderer being sent to the gas chamber. People also consider demons and other astral beings to be ghosts.

Ghosts are usually believed to haunt ancient homes, cemeteries, places where they died, or places that were of great significance to them.

Studying Ghosts

For hundreds of years, haunting, spirit communication, apparitions, and other paranormal activities have been carefully recorded.

Studying ghosts is not that simple. Ghosts usually keep to themselves and hardly interfere with the doings of the living. You cannot summon a ghost at will with the purpose of studying a haunting.

However, some spirits might choose to show themselves and contribute to a study made on them. In other words, you cannot see or interact with a ghost unless the ghost is willing to interact with you.

Devices Used To Study Ghosts

Technology has provided a wide range of devices to make a study of ghosts easier. Ghost hunters have used infrared sensors, Geiger counters, thermal cameras, and digital voice recorders to collect evidence to prove the existence of ghosts. The data collected by using these instruments is of great help to the students of the paranormal.


Spirit mediums, on the other hand, can study ghosts without the help of technology and devices. They are born with a special gift of sixth sense that can enable them to understand the paranormal and see things that the average person cannot. Although science cannot prove whether the experiences of a medium are real or imaginary, mediums do contribute a lot to research on the supernatural.

The existence of ghosts cannot be proved with the assistance of science and logical thinking. Although ghosts have been studied for centuries, no convincing evidence for the existence of ghosts has turned up. Just as there is a body of evidence to support the claims of the believers, there are many stories to prove the point made by the nonbelievers. Ultimately, everything depends on what you believe and have experienced.

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Where to get Ghost Hunting stuff ?

Can anyone tell me some places to get Ghost Hunting stuff online … or used stuff….any ideas like Full Spectrum Camera s an IR Cameras an the lighting that go’s with it….

Many items you can find at your local hardware store, Home depot or Lows, and other such items you can find at Best Buy. You do not necessarily have to buy expensive equipment or top of the line versions. Yes the Infra red , night vision cams are super sweet but unless you are ready to fork out $1,2000.00 Plus for them , it really is not worth it. Start of simple. Buy a simple digital camera if you don’t already own one. A EMF meter can set you back $40.00 bucks, a digital rcorder is about the same. This is a good start and for around the $200.00 bucks you have a very good start. Ghosts and spirits can be captured using any such recording devices. You dont have to go all out to gain . There are even some items from around your home that can be used. Simple items such as a compass. There could be some anomalous occurrences in the environment and a compass can be affected by them. Here are a couple of links to sites that cary various items. Always remember when investigating. Safety first and respect that which you are exploring. Take care and good luck.

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