Ghost Hunting Infrared Camera

by admin on May 14, 2010

ghost hunting infrared camera

ghost hunting infrared camera

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Infrared Camera for Ghost Hunting

Substitutes For Ghost Hunting Tools?

Hi, I’m doing a project for school on paranormal investigating, and I need proper tools because I’m spending a while in an allegedly haunted house. However, I’m quite short on cash, so if anyone could tell me if there’s any way I can either get the below listed items for a very low price (free- $30.00) or how I could possibly make them or substitute for them, please tell me!

Items Needed:
EMF Meter
Infrared Cameras/Thermometers/Light Sources
Digital Voice Recorders
White Noise Generators
Digital Camcorders
Night Vision

EMF Meter – Compass
(it won’t detect power outlets but a strong enough magnetic field will make it spin)

Digital Voice Recorder – tape recorder
(it will also record sound and at the end of the night you have a tape that others can listen to that they can’t say you enhanced (faked) on your computer)

White Noise Generator – Portable AM Radio tuned between channels to the static

Digital Camcorder – Film Camera loaded with high speed film

Night Vision – Flashlight (or leave the lights on)

You will also need a some pens, a notebook, and a watch so you can write down what happens and when it happens.

If you want to try to locate a ghost hunting group in your area I suggest trying the links below.

Please e-mail if I might be of further assistance.


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