Ghost Hunting In Ohio

by admin on May 10, 2010

ghost hunting in ohio

ghost hunting in ohio

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Ghosting hunting at Ohio State Reformatory

Im looking for a haunted place to visit on halloween night in OHIO?

ok so im a little old for trick or treating. and so i decided i want to go on a ghost hunt on halloween. I want to experience somthing VERY SCARY! so i need some place i can go to, to get a halloween experience if anyone knows about anything in ohio, any legends , haunted places, ect let me know.


Have you tried the Nationwide headquarters in Columbus? The company’s ethics have been dead for years and are rumored to haunt the main office.

EDIT: In all seriousness, when I was at home office in columbus, there were a lot of ghost stories going arround about the ‘arena district’ in downtown columbus. I dont know how serious they were, but if you want a true ghost experience, come to Virginia. Make your way to Willaimsburg and take a ghost tour, its incredibly creepy.

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