Ghost Hunting In Gettysburg Pa

by admin on April 6, 2010

ghost hunting in gettysburg pa

ghost hunting in gettysburg pa

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Little Girl Ghost on Sach’s Bridge Gettysburg, PA

What is the name of this piece of equipment used for Ghost Hunting?

I watched this episode of this TV show where this guy with massive arms went ghost hunting in Gettysburg PA. He used this one piece of equipment that i thought was pretty cool. It picked up the words the entity was trying to get through to him. But i have no idea what it is called or what the show was called. If you know please tell me, and if you happen to know where i can get one for cheap that would help a lot! Thanks 🙂

They also use something called a Ghost Box.I’ve heard good reviews on them and they have had some success with it.They actually have picked up whole sentences.I just purchased one off of Amazon.con for 129.99 free S&H.Hope this helps.

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