Ghost Hunting In California

by admin on July 21, 2010

ghost hunting in california

ghost hunting in california

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Ghost Hunters (Spoof)- Oakland, California

paranormal groups in southern california?

I’m really intersted in the paranormal, but where I live theirs hardly any haunted places, well their are but theirs to many people going at the same time to actually hear or see stuff. Theirs a couple of abaondoned haunted places where I live, but the risk of getting caught is very high, so I was wondering if theirs a group in Souther California that takes voulnteers on ghost hunts?

There is a book by Troy Taylor titled “Talking With the Dead” which has chapters dealing with investigations by paranormal groups at different sites throughout the country.
There are a number of sites in the book in central and southern California. All of the groups covered in the book list their points of contact where someone interested would be able to reach them.
All of the groups which he includes have established reputations in the field.
Usually, with any group you will have to spend some time with them as you get to know them and they get to know you before they will include you on an actual investigation.

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