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ghost hunting houston

ghost hunting houston

NFL Week 16 Power Rankings: Indianapolis Remains on Top

NFL Week 16 Power Rankings – Indianapolis Remains on Top

No.1 Indianapolis Colts 14-0

The Colts worked the Jaguars of Jacksonville, kicking the sleek cats with those powerful young hooves, and stomping them into the turf.

No. 2 New Orleans Saints 13-1

New Orleans lost a game to Dallas, who the game meant much more to, and dropped a spot to No 2. They will finish the season at 15-1 and stay at this position into the playoffs.

No. 3 Minnesota Vikings

The Minnesota Vikings rebounded from their Arizona defeat by chopping up the Bengals, piece by piece. Minnesota should also win out to finish at 14-2 and keep the No. 3 ranking into the playoffs. They are a dangerous team to face on the road.

No. 4 San Diego Chargers

The San Diego Chargers may be finally at the dream season they have been waiting for. Beat Cincinnati at home and wrap this division up in Tennessee next week. Simple formula, huh?

No.5 Arizona Cardinals

Arizona is hot more than they are cold, are in control of that division, and headed for the playoffs. Many teams can’t say that, in Week 16. 11-5  or 10-6 will be the final record and the NFC West title will be theirs again.

No. 6 Green Bay Packers

The Green Bay Packers have come charging out of the woods, surprising teams, and slaughtering them, storing their seasons in a deep freeze until next year. The Packers could be at a wild card pace of 10-5 when this Week 16 ends.

No. 7 Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals are having a tragedy type season, with two very emotional situations interfering with the concentration needed to win championships.

If they over come this last hardship, Chris Henry’s tragic death, by beating San Diego, I’d be shocked. They will finish out with a win in Kansas City and be at 11-5 at the season’s end. Move these guys up with a win in San Diego to No. 4.

No. 8 Philadelphia Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles are surging along with new, young talent and veteran leadership. Yes, this might just work. The Eagles were a quarter away from the Super Bowl just last season, so be careful ruling the Eagles out this season.

No. 9 Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys have almost locked up a playoff spot up, and have Philadelphia the last game of the season. This will be a good test of Romo under pressure, right before the playoffs start.

No. 10 Denver Broncos

The Denver Broncos are still alive in the playoffs at an 11-5 pace and a wild card. Well, maybe 10-6. We shall see. A good record, and a pretty good team. Not great, but pretty good.

No. 11 New England Patriots

The New England Patriots should also finish at 11-5 and win the division. This team can be beat in the playoffs, and are not the threat they used to be. Still, Brady can step it up one more notch, and win the close ones.

No. 12 Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens are fighting for their playoff lives, and have to beat Chicago to make it to 8-6. The Ravens have to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in Pittsburgh to have a chance. That’s probably not going to happen. The Steelers and the Jets still have a shot at a race for the last wild card spot.

No. 13 Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins went on a nice run beating New England and Jacksonville in back to back weeks. If they could just get by Tennessee, they would be at 8-6, and be in a race with the Ravens for the last spot.

They will, however, lose to the Titans and fall to 7-7.

Houston comes to Miami a sour, disappointed bunch eager to ruin the Dolphins season. That will be the Dolphins season next week.

No. 14 New York Jets

The Jets have a tough road to make the playoffs with too much needing to happen in their favor to advance to post-season play. Let’s start with Atlanta, then Indy. Win both of those games then come see me.

No. 15 [for now] Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jacksonville Jags are 7-7 and need to win in New England next week. What? They won’t?  That will be the end of the Jaguars play-ff aspirations in 2009.

No. 16 New York Giants

The New York Giants are going to come up a game short of the playoffs this season. The defense has been porous and youth is needed to provide a bit more speed in the years to come. Not this year, Eli. It’s Peyton’s turn.

No. 17 Houston Texans

The Houston Texans have a huge amount of talent and I feel the coach might be changed here to get this team to the next level. Also needed are one or two impact defensive players.

No. 18 Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers could move back up into some kind of respectability with wins against Green Bay and Baltimore. If they make it to 9-7, and a tie breaker out of the playoffs, so be it.

No. 19 Atlanta Falcons

The Atlanta Falcons have been victim to some injuries, a sophomore jinx from Matt Ryan, and some better play by their opponents to finish out of the playoffs this season.

No. 20 San Francisco 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers are perhaps a quarterback and a good linebacker away from a playoff team. The defense has been pretty good, but other than Frank Gore, they have an inconsistent offense.

No. 21 Tennessee Titans

The Titans started out 0-6 this season and now are at 7-7 and tied with Miami, Jacksonville, and maybe the Jets and Baltimore. With a win against Miami they will move all the way up to No. 13-14 and be in the playoff discussion. Wow!

Tennessee is still in the playoff hunt. Now that’s amazing. Pittsburgh must win against Green Bay to keep up also, and reach 7-7. It could be a crazy finish in the AFC for the last wild card.

No. 22 Carolina Panthers

The Panthers have not been a great team this season, and as they lose to the Vikings in Week 15, that’s about it for the Jake Delhomme era, I imagine.

No. 23 Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears are also looking at the shopping list of needs to solidify their team.  Cutler needs protection. more weapons to throw to and the defense needs to recover and fill holes from injuries.

No. 24 Washington Redskins

The ghost of George Allen appears as Washington starts with some change. Mike Shanahan is coming to Washington, maybe, and this team will be on a fast track, back to winning in the NFL.

No. 25 Oakland Raiders

The Raiders of Oakland have finally improved to maybe 6-10 this season. Without Jamarcus Russell this could possibly have been a 8-8 mark. Expect the Raiders to draft another quarterback next.

No. 26 Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs have exposed Matt Cassell for what he truly was in New England. A good quarterback in a great system. Not a great quarterback in a good system. Huge difference as the Chiefs will go 3-13 for the season and will have much work to do in improving next season.

No 27 Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills have not had good leadership, need a strong coach, and key positions filled. Expect T.O. to shop elsewhere.

No. 28 Seattle Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks have not had a very good season after high expectations by the owner and fans.  Matt Hassellbeck has never really won anything, except one trip to the Super bowl, that he lost.

Will this team ever be good again, with the free agent market the way it is these days?

No. 29 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Tampa Bays Buccaneers also have much work to do. I am not impressed with the coaching changes on this team, and the talent level, in comparison to the rest of the league is shaky, at best.

No. 30 Detroit Lions

The Lions won two more games than last season, due to Matt Stafford. Get three more great players, you’ll win eight games next season.

No. 31 Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns are finally playing better and Josh Gibbs is fantastic. The quarterback problem seems solved also. Get it going, Cleveland. Maybe Mike Holmgren will help save the franchise.

No. 32, and the worst team in the NFL is the St. Louis Rams

Enjoy the last two weeks of the regular season and happy holidays.

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