Ghost Hunting Groups In Ohio

by admin on May 21, 2010

ghost hunting groups in ohio

ghost hunting groups in ohio

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Ohio Ghost Hunters Fox 8 News (paranormal)

hey…i am starting a new ghost hunting group can anyone think of any good name??? we live in northwest ohio?

there are three of us. we have evidence already BE SERIOUS!

Most ghost hunting groups have the name of the town you are in along with it. For example, if I made one, it would be Allentown Paranormal Research Society. Or something along those lines. Or wherever your going to be investigating. Another group around us is ABE Paranormal. A for Allentown, B for Bethlehem, and E for Easton. The 3 main towns they investigate in. I don’t know what town you are from, or what towns you are investigating, but you should make it with the town names in it, so if anyone is seeking help with a haunting, they know who to look for if they are near you.

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