Ghost Hunting Forms

by admin on March 29, 2010

ghost hunting forms

ghost hunting forms

I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost at Halloween

Stuck on ideas this Halloween? There’s a great deal of choice out there and it can be very difficult to decide, so why not think about your favourite television and movie stars when it comes to selecting a costume this year?

One of the most iconic character outfits of the 80s is most certainly that of the Ghostbuster. When the 1985 film hit cinemas, it was an instant smash and brought with it a surge in interest of the bizarre and supernatural. Fans clamoured to see the witty Peter Venkman, clumsy Raymond Stantz, brainy Egon Spengler and straight talker Winston Zeddermore hit the big screen and tackle iconic baddies like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and freaky demon Zuul.

As the Ghostbuster suit is so instantly recognisable, it won’t be long before heads are turning and nodding in recognition should you choose to dress up as your favourite Ghostbuster at Halloween. So which one will you be? Harold Ramis’ dysfunctional, socially-awkward Spengler, who readily admitted that his hobbies included collecting spores, moulds and various forms of fungus? Or perhaps you’d like to take on ex-Marine Winston, who is the group’s sole voice of reason during times of crises? Paranormal expert Ray is much loved amongst fans and often considered to be the heart of the team, despite being somewhat ham-fisted at times. And finally, of course, there’s the loveable Peter Venkman, played memorably by Bill Murray, a flippant womaniser with enough street smarts to make up for the rest of the group.

Whichever Ghostbuster you most identify with, you can become your own member of the famous team by donning the famous uniform and hunting down all the ghosts and ghouls at the Halloween party for yourself. Whether you encounter any Slimers or the memorable ghost woman that visits Ray during the night in one particular scene is purely down to luck, but one thing’s for sure – you’re always going to look cool.

Slipping into the Ghostbusters tan jumpsuit and charging up your proton pack is an experience like no other, and you may find that you’re looking for occasions other than Halloween at which you can don your Ghostbusters costume. Just remember – you ain’t afraid of no ghosts, so put on a brave face this Halloween and get out there to defend your city against all those ghosts, ghouls and things that go bump in the night on October 31.

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Ghost hunting and lichen patterns on headstone Matlock Iowa

Relationships and bars…?

I have been in a relationship for almost 3 years now, and we both have a mutual trust in each other. My girlfriend has recently formed a group, which is going to take her away one Saturday a month to do some ghost hunting! 😉 Well, needless to say…I do NOT like ghost hunting so I am going to have to find something ELSE to do! Well, we got into conversation about what I would be doing and the topic of bars was brought up. She believes that people in relationships should not go to bars (due to previous relationships/growing up around a mother that worked in a bar). I on the other hand feel as though if she trusted me 100% that there shouldn’t be an issue with me going to a bar (let me make this clear, a bar is NOT a dance club) with a group of fellow friends. So, is it ok for me to go to a bar…or am I supposed to look for another activity due to her insecurity.??? This is going to be read by the both of us…we just want to know what is correct in this situation. Thanks!

I am in a serious relationship for 4 years. Why wouldn’t you be able to go to a bar? If she trusts you why not? And if you are just going with a bunch of guy friends or a mix of friends..either way. My boyfriend will go out to bars, and go out of town to bars, and doesn’t come home. If you know your not going to be cheating, why does it matter. If she has a reason not to trust you it would be a different story! GOOD LUCK!

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