Ghost Hunting For Beginners

by admin on June 28, 2010

ghost hunting for beginners

ghost hunting for beginners

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any ghost hunting websites for beginners?

i just recently became interested in ghost hunting, but alkl te websites i have seen say “okay you need this and that…” but they dont tell me what it does or how to use it. i need a site for beginners and young people, since i am only 13. also, i would like to find a ghost hunting store or group near me. if you know of anything like that in or near bellmore, n.y. please tell me! (keep in mind that i am only thirteen.)

WOW! I know just the place it is called UPI or United Paranormal International. There you can find out how to do an investigation, get direction to sites and places to purchase or instructions to make your own equipment and even be directed to a local chapter for training. I am the Washington State Chairperson there and it is a great place to learn the craft of paranormal investigations. (I go by the name Maighread Birdsong)
PS because of your young age you may not get to train with a real investigations group. But it would be a great place to meet those who work in the field and to learn about the issues we face. BB…~M~

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