Ghost Hunting Florida

by admin on August 17, 2010

ghost hunting florida

ghost hunting florida

A Short History of Halloween and Tocobaga Indians

Halloween is an evening celebrated by people of all faiths especially children dressed up as ghosts and skeletons. Halloween is a historical celebration held in evening and night of the 31st October every year. When talking about history, a unique tribe of Native American people lived in the vicinity of Tampa Bay in Florida called the Tocobaga Indians.

The history of Halloween has a lot of meaning Halloween which has been almost lost as we celebrate our modern version but its roots are still well known making a great story for children before they set off on their mission to frighten and entertain.

The Tocobaga Indians were actually a maritime tribe who survived on fish and whatever they could hunt in the locality or trade with distant tribes. They were a highly developed tribe with a social structure based around chiefdoms with institutionalized social inequality between various classes which were similar to the caste system of other cultures like the medieval Europe and Hindu India.

The legend of Haloween comes from thousands of years ago. The Celtic people of Western Europe particularly the British Isles and Western France believed that on the last day of summer, the barriers between the living world and the kingdom of the dead would open allowing spirits and saints to pass among the living. Evil spirits would scare people from door to door and unlucky person who was caught would be taken back to the kingdom of the dead. It was a terrifying night and people lighted great fires and offered sacrifices calm down the evil spirits until the barriers had closed again the next day.

A symbol of Halloween is a hollowed out pumpkin carved into a scary face with a candle lit inside giving it a scary look. This pumpkin is known as Jack o’ lantern. This was a favorite tradition that started in USA spreading to other parts of the world. Halloween changed in the 19th and 20th centuries from a religious celebration to an annual holiday.

The Tocobagan Indians were the most peaceful tribe although their society did practice slavery and a person generally remained in their caste with little chance to improve to a higher status. They were highly structured and always built around a central plaza which would feature the pyramidal mound in larger settlements upon which the chief’s house and the village temple would be built.

The Tocobaga was a dominant Indian tribe in the Tampa Bay area. However, they disappeared from the history in 18th century. Their archeological remains were found and a Tocobaga Indian mound is situated in Florida’s Philippe Park which is a National Historic Landmark known as the Safety Harbor Site.

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Also learn the detailed history of Halloween and also the history of Tocobaga Indians


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