Ghost Hunting Facts

by admin on April 26, 2010

ghost hunting facts

ghost hunting facts

How To Tell Good Ghost Stories

Whether it is on Halloween night or simply sitting around a campfire with your closest friends, telling ghost stories is a popular American tradition that goes way back. The idea of course is to tell a story that terrifies the listeners in a frightening yet entertaining way. Typically, these short stories center on a supernatural being or occurrence such as haunted house, vampires, white gliding ghosts, monsters and psychotic humans. While most stories are fictional or urban legends, many listeners still believe some of these as they hear them from a lot of sources. Telling scary stories is a fun thing to especially if you’re already good at it as your young relatives and friends will ask you to tell them your ghost stories over and over again. To be good at telling ghost stories you have to keep three things in mind.


Before you start looking for good ghost stories to tell, you should be aware of who your audience is first. Knowing who you’re going to tell the story to is crucial because people have different opinions and takes on topics. If you’re planning to tell a story with gruesome images, telling it to teenagers and young adults would be a safe bet, but not to children as imagining horrible and repugnant scenes may be too much for their innocent little brains. That said, always remember to match the level of horror your story has to the level of tolerance your audience has. Now, there are plenty of urban legends out there that you can use. These include the “Mothman” in West Virginia, or the “Hunted Railroad Tracks” in San Antonio, Texas, or the local “Big Foot” sightings, which always works well with the kids. There are far more short stories that can be found in the internet. Just visit your favorite search engine and type the kind of story you have in mind.

Choose the right venue and have props ready

To be honest, setting the ambience is more important than the story itself. If you told a really scary story during breakfast, none of your listeners would get scared. In fact, laughter would probably be the more appropriate reaction than getting scared. The point is you have to set the right mood in order to tell a scary story effectively. You will need a dark room or dark outdoors, candles, firewood (if applicable), flashlights, atonal music, and a really low voice. The more props the better. Getting a partner to help you out in delivering the story is even better as he can help you with the effects. For instance, you can have your partner turn a fan on the room briefly so the candles would flicker, or have him slam a door during suspenseful point in the story. Be creative.

Practice makes perfect

Once you’re done with the setting and props, it’s now time to practice telling the story. Ideally, you should practice in front of a mirror with all the props present so that actually telling the story will be automatic. This also helps you identify the right voice tonalities on the parts of the story that matter. Most importantly, learn the story by heart. Believe it, or at least make your audience believe you believe it. GP

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Best EVP from ghost hunters…

why do some ghosts hunt a person in stead of a place?

the child ghost I see and feel most offten in fact Sence I was four or five years old. has follow me across the US and back to a new house. He’s not bad but I just wondered why he dose?

over the years (I’m now a late teen) he’s showen me things about his life and the girl he still loves. the girl and I share the same first name, this wouldn’t have anything to do with it?
By the way he told me his first name and what may be his last that I’m not shore of. please note I’m sane and this isn’t a story!!
I have never done Drugs or Drank.

There could be a number of reasons. Try asking him.

It could be the name. It could be common interests. He could be protecting you. Since he’s given his name and shown you things about himself, I would guess he trusts you. Depending on the timeline, you might be his love reincarnated into a new body. But my first instinct is that you can see him where others cannot. It must be tough to be a ghost and watch everyone pass you by like you don’t exist. It must be lonely, especially for a child.

Just keep being there for him. Obviously he’s got some unresolved issues or he would have moved on. See if you can help him, just as you would a “real” friend. After all, you are dealing with his true essence – his spirit. Just because he left his body behind doesn’t make him any less human.

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