Ghost Hunting Evp Software

by admin on April 2, 2010

ghost hunting evp software

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Holding A Paranormal Investigation – The First Steps

Holding a paranormal investigation is becoming a very popular hobby with the current rise of TV shows such as most hunted and paranormal state. Lot’s of people are joining there local paranormal investigation groups or even building there own with friends and family that share similar interest. Going on a paranormal investigation can be a very rewarding process, and regardless of whether you find something or not it can be a lot of fun. Before you go on a paranormal investigation there are three things you should consider beforehand, who you will be going with, where you will be going and what equipment you will need.

Tips on having a successful paranormal investigation

Planning is key if you want to see or find anything. Make sure if it is your first investigation that you are well prepared beforehand.

Finding like minded people

The very first thing you should think about before going on a paranormal investigation is who will be with you? Unless you are very experienced then I would certainly not recommend going alone. Have a looking on the internet of in your local newspaper and see if there are any paranormal investigators in the area that lead group investigations. Or if you don’t think you would be comfortable with being around strangers then maybe try asking some friends or family.

Finding hunted locations

It’s important to know where you will be performing the investigation. It’s often wise to stick to a local area if possible. Try asking around and see if anyone you know has had a paranormal experience, or if they know anyone that has had one and then go from there. Try and get as much information as possible on your location before you start, try doing some research on the history finding out names and dates of when things have happened.

Using the right equipment

Using the right equipment can be the difference from a successful investigation and an unsuccessful investigation. When people go ghost hunting they often only have a camera and torch, although this is better then nothing you may want to consider EVP meters, EMP meters and night vision torches. Obviously this equipment is for the serious investigator so if it is your first time then don’t go spending money on gear when you could probably find half decent equipment around the house. Old tape recorders for an EVP recording device for example or house thermometers as an EMP meter. Remember to always have a watch, pen and pad with you at all times so you can record your data accurately.

After the paranormal investigation is complete it will then be time to analyse the data collected. It’s probably a good idea to get someone that has previous experience in this sort of thing so nothing will be missed. An untrained eye can easily miss out on important details. Make sure you keep a record of everything you have found, with times and dates. If you ever go back to that particular location then these details may prove to be very helpful.

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Can you just put on a normal camera and let it record while you sleep to see if you have a ghost?

i have a nikon D5000 and it cna pick up sound but, i don’t know anything about ghost tracking/hunting and i don’t really want to get an EVP and software and all this techy stuff jsut to find out if i have a ghost in my house
yea it has night vision and the whole 9-yards lol it was about a 750 dollar camera lol

Any camera that has video capability may be used to attempt to record ghostly activity. I also know of ghost hunters who have slept in a supposedly haunted location with a camera recording to try to detect paranormal activity. The idea someone has about talcum powder is also a good one, sprinkle some powder on the floor, both in the room and outside the door of the room and on the door knob to allow you to know if someone walks around in an attempt to deceive you. Talcum powder on the windowsill might also be beneficial.

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