Ghost Hunting Equipment

by admin on August 15, 2010

ghost hunting equipment

ghost hunting equipment

Getting ghost hunting tips could really improve your chances of seeing something paranormal. So many people join paranormal investigation groups and expect to see something straight away. Sadly this isn’t always the case. It is important that you know what to expect and prepare yourself for the night (or day). In this article I’ll be giving you my top 5 ghost hunting tips.

1. Choose you location wisely

It is important that you investigate beforehand and don;t just start a ghost hunt anywhere. Speak to local people and find out where any known hunted locations are. That way you will know beforehand weather you might experience any activity or not.

2. Go with the right people

For you first paranormal investigation you should always go with like minded people and not sceptics. When there are sceptics around you can easily get downhearted and give up. Get results first so you can be more confident in yourself before taking sceptics along.

3. Take a camera and sound recorder

During the ghost hunt you might want to record EVP. To do this you will need a sound recorder. I would recommend a digital device so the results can be easily transferred over to a computer. Always take a camera as well and take lots of photos. Some ghosts only appear on camera and are not visible with the naked eye.

4. Make notes constantly

Make sure you always take a notepad and pen with you. Anytime something happens no matter how significant then you should make a note of the time, location and experience. At the end of the night this could be cross referenced with other data you might have.

5. Analyse the data digitally

When you have all of your photos, sound recording and maybe video then upload it all onto a computer for an analysis. There are quite a few programs out there designed for paranormal investigation. They can be fairly cheap and very worthwhile.

These ghost hunting tips are just a starting point. Along the way you will develop your own techniques and ways of doing things. Just make sure you are prepared from the start. It may take a few investigations before something significant happens. Just keep at it and don’t give up.

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