Ghost Hunting Equipment Thermal Camera

by admin on May 7, 2010

ghost hunting equipment thermal camera

ghost hunting equipment thermal camera

How a Thermal Imaging Camera Can Detect Water and Mold Damage

Thermal Imaging
has several different applications, from electrical system maintenance to night time fugitive searches to even ghost hunting made popular by shows like “Ghost Hunters.” At
Advanced Restoration, Inc.
, we utilize thermal imaging to help us identify
water damage
and potential sources of
mold damage
. Since we work on
Florida’s West Coast
and deal with cities constantly affected by water damage due to
heavy rainfall
Palm Harbor
New Port Richey
, we utilize only the best equipment available to detect water damage, including a top of the line
Fluke TIR 1
thermal imaging camera.

So first things first: what is a thermal imaging camera anyways?

Thermal imaging cameras utilize the test technique of
by converting
infrared radiation
into a visible image. Thermal imaging cameras are non-destructive and can be used in any situation to observe heat patterns and associated temperatures while noting any inexplicable differences or anomalies. Put simply, thermal imaging cameras pick up on temperature signatures. These temperature signatures are depicted in different colors on the thermal camera’s imaging screen: normal or expected temperature ranges will be depicted in grayscale while unusually cold or hot areas are depicted in color. Extremely hot areas may be shown in pure white, with regular hotspots being depicted in red, orange and yellow. For Advanced Restoration, Inc., the colors we look out for are colors such as green, blue and violet, as these are depicters of
in objects and the sources of possible water damage which could lead to mold damage. In sum, we use the camera to aid us in identifying areas that could be afflicted by
water infiltration
or water damage and need further
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Detailed NVG/NVS question:?

I have a question about night vision equipment. I know NV works by sending out an invisible beam and enhancing that beam. What happens if more then one person is using NV equipment at the same time and in the same area?

I am asking because of a ghost hunting show that was on. In the show several people were using NV equipment and they recorded shadows that looked like people. The shadows appeared in front of near by trees and basically in front of the cameras. Specifically I saw 3 people with goggles, 2 cameras and one thermal camera that also had night vision.

To me this shows that the people using NV behind the camera man were casting beams from several angles that caused shadows from the people around. The show claims that these are shadows of ghost children.

I am posting here because my main question is about night vision equipment; and I want answers about the equipment not about the existence of ghosts.

I was active Army for 6 years and have a good bit of experience with a few NVG models. As to what they were using i cant answer you, but most NVG systems take in infrared light and magnify it so you can see. the device usually has the ability to project a narrow “spot” of IR light if its a moonless night and so on.
Older model NVG devices can produce some interesting things. I was using an old starlight model because my 14’s got broken getting out of a CH-47. Thank god I only had to use them for a few days. The starlight has no grain (fuzz like an old TV) adjustment and looking through them for long periods of time in certain terrain features can produce some “ghosting” effect which is a trick of the ambient light and shadow through the magnification and filtering portion of the device.
All that being said most newer gen 4 or 5 devices have overcome these faults. ps-unless its pitch black (no ambient light) using you IR illuminator A.) makes no sense B.) makes you stand out to anyone else with NVG’s and can interfere with the filters on your buddy’s system, i.e.- overload if you look him in the face while his are turned on.

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