Ghost Hunting Equipment Kits

by admin on April 24, 2010

ghost hunting equipment kits

ghost hunting equipment kits

Haunted Weekends – An Extraordinary Group Outing

Planning a group weekend away? What would they think about haunted weekends?

If it’s your turn to plan an outing for a group of friends, why not aim for stepping outside of the every day group outing. Forget bowling, the movies, or a game of charades. How about looking into haunted weekends, instead?

What kind of weekend?

There’s an increasing level of popularity and interest in pursuing the paranormal. If you’ve watched any shows on TV, you’ll know that there are experts and ghost chasers who dedicate time to following the unexplained. If your friends love sitting around telling ghost stories round a campfire, maybe they’d be intrigued with the prospect of:

  • Touring a haunted castle or pub
  • Having a séance
  • Ghost hunting

Haunted weekends can be great fun. Talk about an adrenaline rush! These aren’t about smoke and mirrors or simply scaring you with ghost stories. Many events put on throughout the UK are done with the serious intention of investigating areas that have been known for paranormal activities and ghost sightings. Go along for the ride…you never know what might happen.

If you’re setting one of these outings up, here are some tips for you:

  • Don’t organise an event like this in secret when doing it for a group. You really have no way whatsoever of knowing whether or not all of your friends will want to partake in this sort of event so it’s a good idea to be up front about the type of weekend you’re planning.
  • Organise the weekend with an experienced event planner who specialises in paranormal events. That way, you’ll be sure the experience will be an intriguing one, handled by someone who knows how to increase the chances of these types of outings being a success.
  • Make it safe. Go prepared. Have cameras, changes of clothing, snacks and water, and a first aid kit.
  • Make it an alcohol-free event. Most paranormal weekend event companies make this a requirement for safety purposes

What can you expect on such a weekend?

Different events can be happening and you may want to plan based around a specific event that sounds perfect for your group. Many of these outings are planned with psychic mediums in attendance and could even be filmed as well. Many mediums use technology to help them discover the secrets and the truths behind legends. Mightn’t it be interesting to witness this and see what happens?

Most outings are planned for small groups, which are always supervised. As you learn about the area you’re investigating, you may even get to use paranormal detection equipment yourself.

There is definitely no shortage of people interested in the paranormal and if you and your group thrives on the thrilling and chilling, you’ll most likely start making haunted weekends a regular group outing.

About the Author

Compass Paranormal is a group specialist in the area of UK paranormal events and haunted weekends. Check out their site for information about upcoming events and tips for getting the most out of your ghost hunt.

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what else do i need for my ghost hunt?

im going on my second ghost hunt the first time i was alone in an abandoned house and only had a camera and flash light but now im going to the cemetery with 3 other people so now i have a crew. the equipment im taking is: 2 thermometers, 5 flashlights (1 to spare), extra batteries, 2 EVP, 2 EMF, 3 digital cameras, 2 tape recorders, first aid kit, 4 walkie talkies, we all have cell phones, water, snacks, and we all know each other from our church so we have a cross necklace around our neck most of the time. so are we set? or do we need more gear? or are we taking too much? and how much of the gear do i give to my friends ive done this before and i know how to work this stuff . this is there first ghost hunt, any tips for them?? we know the dangers of demons and such but a little more info to keep us safe would be nice. so answer any of these questions please and be specific

Well, you do have what you need without any doubt. However, I only have one suggestion but before I do advise what it is, my question would be: are you conducting the investigation to debunk hauntings or to prove their existence?

Whether or not your doing both intentions on your investigations to hauntings, I would advise that if you want an extra piece of hard evidence to add for supporting the conclusion that the place is haunted by one or more entities…get a black empty trash bag or several black sheets of construction paper and a bottle of baby powder. This is for collecting the entities handprints, footprints, and/or shoeprints. But the best time to use this method of collecting hard evidence is if the haunted place has accounted report claims of hearing sounds of footsteps or thuds. Good luck, have fun!

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