Ghost Hunting Dvr

by admin on September 26, 2010

ghost hunting dvr

ghost hunting dvr

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Ghost Hunting Tips Part 1

A spirit called my name on my Digital Voice recorder, Is it a demon or a spirit?

I have worked with DVR’s and have been ghost hunting for a while. This was in my own house though. Just curious if something is calling my name out and asking for help is a spirit or some kind of demon trying ot lure me.

This question is for those who have similar interests, Not for people who will just reply an answer with “You are hearing voices, get checked out”.

Could be a bit of both. I doubt if we have any real understanding of the spirit world, so terms like “demon” and “spirit” are pretty much arbitrary, based on the cultural environment at the time of the creation of the terms.

Sounds like an “other” to me. I doubt if you can guess at its intentions just by the fact that it said your name. Be respectful but don’t make yourself vulnerable.

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