Ghost Hunting Documentaries

by admin on March 29, 2010

ghost hunting documentaries

ghost hunting documentaries

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Ghosts/Spirits/The Paranormal……………………………………?

What are your views on the paranormal?

Any good stories or experiences?

Anyone know any good ghost hunt experience things that are worth going to? Or “haunted” places worth going to?

Ooooooooo and any good ghost programs or films.

I remember one about a poltergeist that talked through a small girl and they set up a camera in front of her bed which takes like a gazillion pictures a second then BAM!!! one picture she was lying in bed dreaming about care bears and uncle sam the next shes up right and off the bed! That was a kinda documentary thing ages ago, anyone see it?

Good stuff.

Im open minded on the subject, I have had no experiences but it intrigues me.

Could it all be in the mind?
Do young children experience more of the paranormal because they are young and more open to things?

HI Loco,

There are lots of crazy people out there if it is all in the mind!

I believe that ghosts/spirits and many other energetic beings exist. In the past 25 years or so I have had the privilege of witnessing full manifestations, shadow people, spirit animals, disembodied voices, scents, perfumes and aromas for which there is no source among many other things. Some of these experiences have been witnessed when I was alone, others have happened when there has been one or more people with me. In our home at the moment, we have a spirit gentleman that wanders around the downstairs whistling happily, a spirit cat that meows for your attention and in the last week our son heard a lady’s voice in the kitchen.

I believe everyone is capable of tuning in to other realms, children just seem to do it naturally because they have not been taught to doubt what the are seeing or hearing. As children get older, they get told that they are imagining things and so they begin to stop accepting what they see as being real. Then as they get into adult hood, their minds become ‘cluttered’ with day to day life, bill paying, work, jobs around the house etc – this again blocks out the natural ability, pushing the none physical realms further and further away so that if they do ever get the chance to experience something, they have trouble believing what is taking place and get scared.
Try learning to meditate, if you are open minded it will help you connect easier to the energies around you.

I hope this helps and wish you a wonderful future 🙂

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