Ghost Hunting Devices

by admin on August 2, 2010

ghost hunting devices

ghost hunting devices

Paranormal Investigators

Ah… Wednesday. This day that falls in the middle of the week is sometimes referred to as “spaghetti day” or “hump day”. Personally, I call it Ghost Hunters day (or night). Wednesday night is the night I get no sleep and Thursday is the day that I pay for it due to my addiction to the Syfy show Ghost Hunters. There are a few episodes on tonight as well as the new Ghost Hunters Academy (very addicting) and they are on from 7:00-11:00 p.m. EST! Since I’m in a Ghost Hunters state of mind, I figured it would be fun to write a little about people who seek out proof of the world beyond.

Paranormal investigators are gaining popularity as new TV shows bring their profession to life. You most likely did not give one thought about this profession when deciding what to major in at college. Now, people are knocking down the door to become part of the ghost hunting team on Ghost Hunters Academy! The profession of “ghost hunting” has certainly caught the attention of television viewers and people seem to be gaining interest in the paranormal. TV viewers seem interested in the possibilities of the unknown considering the ratings for shows like Ghost Hunters and the late Ghost Stories. Even if the viewer does not believe in ghosts, the thought of their existence being a possibility is entertaining at the very least.

What do ghost hunters look for when investigating a possible haunting? First of all, they come equipped with devices that the average person does not have like an EMF (Electromagnetic Field) detector as well as high-tech video and audio equipment to test potential evidence. EMF readings are tricky. You can get a spike in activity on the EMF even if you are nearby electrical wiring or a cell phone. One episode of Ghost Hunters showed Jason asking a ghost if it wanted them to leave the house and the EMF reading lit up to its highest level. They asked the ghost if it wanted them to leave right then and there and the detector lit up again. I’m assuming that an EMF reading is deemed more reliable as proof of paranormal activity when it responds to directly to questions. I know I would be convinced!

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which EMF meter is the best for Ghost hunting. There are a lot EMF meters to be used & I’m confuse, w/c one?

There are a lot of EMF meters to be use in Ghost hunting, but which is the best EMF meters that you can recommend to me, before i start buying one of those devices.
There are ELF Zone meter,Gaussmaster,Cellsensor,MultidetectorII-Profi,and the Personal EMF Alarm meter. Which one of the device is suited for Ghost hunting or Paranormal Research?

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