Ghost Hunting Certification

by admin on March 14, 2010

ghost hunting certification

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MGH – Henryton Nursery 2nd Floor Pt.2

What is the difference in a professional paranormal investigation team and ghost hunter’s?

I am trying to figure out what makes it a professional organization. Is their licensing? Degrees? Certification? What? I have gone with ghost clubs and professional teams and I see no difference. They use the same tools and methods and their theories are the same. Forgive my ignorance I am just trying to figure it all out. I can’t tell the difference in ghost hunting clubs except some are professional what makes them professional?

I love going out and ghost hunting and helping with research and going through county records and all and am considering starting my own group but I want to know which term to use. I have no professional training except the training I receive with my local groups. I have not gone to college nor have I been licensed. I did ask one group what mae them professional and the seemed secretive.
But they have about the same experience and they do have the same equipment.

There are no professionals in this field. Investigations can be conducted in a professional manner, but as you can’t have a legit degree in this field, how can you be considered a professional. I suppose if you charge your clients you could get a way with calling yourself professional, but I can charge someone to listen to there problems and give advice, but that doesn’t make me a professional counselor.

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