Ghost Hunting Breaks

by admin on April 8, 2010

ghost hunting breaks

ghost hunting breaks

My Tv Viewing Schedule On Dish Network

Everyone has his or her own viewing habits. Some people watch A LOT of TV, and so they are forced to DVR one show while they watch another. Others record all their favorite programs during the week and catch up with everything over the weekend.With three of my nights no longer consumed by “Big Brother” (Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday now have open slots available) my weekly schedule is as follows:Sunday- I watch “The Simpsons” at 8, and although it doesn’t make me laugh like it used to, it is still a Sunday night staple for me.

When I was younger my brothers and I would excitedly look forward to each new episode, and we recorded them on our prehistoric VCR so we could rewatch again and again. The series has dipped in quality over the years, but it is still familiar and hilarious on occasion. At 9, I may watch “Desperate Housewives” out of habit, but only because there is not usually many other choices. This is a good night to pop in one of my Netflix movies because I’m not missing anything on TV. The amazing “True Blood” airs on HBO on Sunday nights but right now it is on hiatus.Monday – This is my least favorite night, as there isn’t much on to my liking.

“How I Met Your Mother” is usually funny if I make it a point to watch, but it’s not one of my Must-See shows. I know this a very popular night for some people because of FOX’s “House” and “Lie to Me”, while the younger set gets their fix from “Gossip Girl” and “One Tree Hill”, but for me it’s just ho-hum. Right now A&E is airing a series called “Hoarders” which I watch because it’s like one big disgusting trainwreck, but normally in its timeslot they show new episodes of “Paranormal State,” one of my guilty pleasures about a ghost-hunting team from Penn State.

The show is cheesy and nothing really ever happens, but it’s addicting nonetheless. I’m assuming new episodes of “Paranormal” will begin once “Hoarders” ends its run.Tuesday- Another so-so night and a good opportunity to watch Netflix movies. The CW airs its coupling of “90210” and “Melrose Place,” which I may surf by, but all they really do is make me feel old. “The Biggest Loser” airs for two hours on NBC but I’ve never really gotten into that reality show. My parents are big fans though and watch it religiously.Wednesday – This is one of the better nights of the week.

My new favorite show of the season “Glee” is enough to make this night the one I look forward to the most. With the addition of ABC’s promising new comedies “Modern Family” and “Cougar Town” (which I have added to my DVR), this is a good night to tune in. It’s just too bad that the outstanding “Glee” has to compete with the two ABC comedies. For fans of “Charmed,” ABC’s new dramedy “Eastwick” airs at 10.Thursday – The two best comedies on TV right now – “The Office” and “30 Rock” – highlight NBC’s block of programming. I used to watch “ER,” but that has since ended. “Survivor” comes on at 8, and that was one show I used to be addicted to but am no longer. I will occasionally watch it in between Facebooking and other net surfing, but I don’t watch religiously anymore.

The Amy Poehler sitcom “Parks and Recreation” is turning out to be pretty funny in its second season, so I may make it a point to put this one on my DVR scheduler. I can still remember the heydays of Must-See-TV, when NBC has a 3-hour block of GREAT programming. We had “Friends,” “Seinfeld,” and “ER” and the shows they crammed in between were always decent. This was back in the day when you could count on “Friends” making you laugh and “ER” to be intense, gripping drama. I miss those days. Oh, and “Project Runway” now airs on Lifetime at 10.Friday – Not much going on here. Friday night is pretty much a wasteland of TV, so I’ll usually partake in a movie off of Dish Network Pay-Per-View or Netflix.

There’s a reason they don’t show a lot of quality on Friday nights – because a lot of people go out.Saturday- If I’m home and bumming around, this is another good movie night, but “Saturday Night Live” is a habit I just can’t break. If I’m not home I will catch up with SNL the next day on my Dish Network DVR, which is great because I can fast forward all the commercials and the musical guest.So overall, I guess I don’t watch much TV, even though my TV is ALWAYS on. It’s more of a comfort to have it on when I’m doing something else, and even when I’m not in the room.My list of CAN’T MISS shows (year-round) is:-“True Blood”-“Big Brother”-“The Office”-“30 Rock”-“Glee”-“Project Runway”-“The Simpsons”

By: Frank Bilotta

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Frank helps people learn about Dish Network Satellite TV, and how they can save money every month with popular Dish Network Packages. Dish has advanced, award winning, Dish DVR and Dish HD receivers, there is a lot of good news to share. Frank and his team also help people determine if satellite internet is right for them and, if so, helps explain the offers from WildBlue and Hughesnet


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TAPS LIES – One Year Hater / String Around The Collar / Ghost Hunters Live 2009

Big problem life after death?

Hi all I have been having this problem for the last few years I’m 30 years old only but I’m really worried about about life after death I don’t really know what to think I’m always scared all the time about it and I guess it’s pretty much have taking over my life I don’t really know how to handle it I have even broke down and went to a dam doctor for it and this have never really bothered me at all but now I’m just really down right scared and I hear all this talk about heaven hell and then you turn into a ghost or whatever like that and I find myself watching all these shows that are about ghost hunting and all of that I just don’t know what to do about it so this might sound odd to a lot of people but it really has just took over my life I really want there to be a life after death but I just can’t find any proof of it so I guess I’m just asking for other people opinion on it anyway thanks to all that can help…dave…..


I think that at some point in life, we are all faced with this and we tend to worry about it. You know, when we are young, we tend to live like we will never die and we don’t put too much thought to it. I don’t think that you are obsessed about it, just curious. I watch those shows sometimes, though very rarely, I guess it depends on the subject matter at hand or if nothing else is on that really interest me, I am more into history channel, biography, nick, tv land and discovery. but when you get right down to where the rubber meets the road, it is about belief, what you really believe when you really sit down to yourself and think about it.

I don’t know what you believe, but I know what I believe and I do not have these kind of fears. that does not make me better than you, I am not saying that, I said that to say this: that old saying, “there is nothing to fear but fear itself.” has truth. You know, until you face your fears, they will always be there and sometimes, they can become a monster and consume us. You are still in control of your thoughts, you seem pretty well read as you wrote your statement to question here.

I do believe with all of my heart that heaven and hell are real because it is written in depth and emphatically in the Holy Bible which I believe to be the truth and God’s word. Now, we must leave these flesh bodies, all of us. the scriptures tell us that it is appointed to every man but once to die. once we leave these flesh bodies, we do go directly to the spirit body and in it, we Go back to the Creator that made us. I don’t fear that, I will leave this painful, tired disintegrating body behind for a new one. these flesh bodies are not perfect and cannot sustain us, despite the fact that we may take much or little care of them.

I just know because when my son passed away at 18 y/o that I did see him in the sky, it was like one of those really old films that has a lot of specks and lines that looks like hair on the lenses but He was smiling so big and beautifully, He did not have his glasses on and he was in a graduation cap and gown. the clouds behind him was of the most clear and vivid white like unto glorious and the sky that was blue was so pretty and vibrant it was undescribable. I think the purpose of that was because He was letting me know that I was seeing him in the past tense, the flesh body and that old antique film showing around him meant that He was in the spiritual body which I could not see him in because He was in a different dimension of time and He just wanted to let me know that he was okay and on the otherside safely with Jesus. Now, I know that may sound crazy, and we both know that grief can do amazing things to the mind, but I believe that with all my heart, God was allowing me to see him once more before I went to identify him at the morgue. it put my thoughts and worries at rest.

Now, one other thing, many live long lives in disbelief, but, we are given many chances to change and come to salvation prior to leaving the flesh body.

these things are certain friend, there is heaven and there is hell and when we put on the flesh body unto immortality, we will be one or the other of places.

Ghost are many things, like the tricks that satan play, those who did not come unto salvation and the soul cannot pass on so they say. But there are evil and familiar spirits, but not ghost.

that would be reincarnation and reincarnation is not truth.

I think that when we become 30, we began to look at our lives and it’s direction and we wonder about things which is normal that we do not completely understand.

If you base your entire life on proof that others tell you or you believe is what they determine it is, then, you would not believe in your life itself and you are living. You see, this is where faith comes in and without faith we do not have hope. those in the lake of fire has and will be given no hope. We must build our hopes on the things that are eternal and not of the world. there is a way friend, that seems right unto a man, but it path leads to destruction which is hell, eternal destruction.

Take the Holy Bible and read it, read it for yourself and set aside every weight, those things you believe that are not truth about it, and open your heart and ask for understanding as you read and gain truth and knowledge and wisdom in God’s word and way. You will see your life change not only physically but spiritually, you will find power, empowerment within yourself and be able to overcome many adversities in your life as it is. It is a freedom, a love you cannot get from others in the flesh body.

You see, having been deep seated in my faith in God for almost all of my life, I am 48, I can tell you that I do not fear that time when it comes because I am confident in knowing that Jesus will be there and God will not turn me away, that I will go home then and I will be comforted, and have no need for this world

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