Ghost Hunting Audio Software

by admin on September 21, 2010

ghost hunting audio software

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How to review and analyze EVP on your computer (Tutorial)

how would you stage a ghost hunt with audacity?

someone deleted my question so i had to ask again… -.- ehem this is not a troll question! i want to know if i can stage a ghost hunt to where i can get my little cousin to say something, then add it somewhere in the audio so that it sounds like a little girl ghost so i can scare the shyzz out of my brother! he’s 18 and he always gets me every halloween! i need help! also if theres an even better software where i can stage a ghost find =) pleez help me scare my big bro he’s a jerk 8′(

It may help if you can find a ghost. If none are available, then try a vampire, zombie, witch etc.

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