Ghost Hunting And Christianity

by admin on August 30, 2010

ghost hunting and christianity

ghost hunting and christianity

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Possessions and hauntings…………?

I have never heard of any other religion besides Christianity having exorcisms or demonic possessions….I watch a lot of those reality ghost hunting shows, too, and I was wondering why I never see anyone other than white people being haunted or possessed?? If you are Jewish, Muslim or any other religion besides Christian, and any other race besides caucasion, please tell me your take on this…
Its just that out of all those documentaries and/or shows I have seen, I have never seen anyone other than Christians…or white people! I was raised Catholic, but really don’t know what I believe. I am looking for other views outside the religion I know, maybe to help give me a better understanding of things and maybe be lucky enough to find something to help me believe! Anyhow, so far, all of these answers are AWESOME!!!

Not sure about the race thing.. I know many people of many different belief systems that have said they may have encountered some sort of paranormal activity. I am Pagan, and African Canadian. I do not believe in demonic possession per se.. but I do believe that one is capable of invoking certain deities.. I have had too many encounters with spirits/ entities to not believe in them.

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