Ghost Hunting

by admin on April 16, 2010

ghost hunting

ghost hunting

Ghost Hunting Events – real opportunities to “Ghost Hunt” or just a laugh in the dark?

How many times do we see adverts like the one below or visit event sites promising you an “Experience” of a life time, quite a few I would imagine. But is there any truth that ghosts exist and if they do, do these types of events help further honest paranormal investigations.

I have been an enthusiast of all things paranormal from a very early age.  Several times in my life I have encountered hard to explain situations, events, and occurrences, call them what you will. Despite this experience, on the whole I remain skeptical about the reality of the paranormal, with one exception:

Put simply, the “Stone Tape” theory, is one, which I am happy to subscribe to. What is this? Well, in essence, the ability of buildings and tangible objects to record the happenings of times gone by. For example, let us say a person, who is a wood turner, works on the same lathe for twenty or thirty years. Over this period of time, for some reason, one I do not have a scientific explanation for, the fabric of the surroundings – the floor, walls, the lathe and indeed the building, inexplicably record the presence of this individual.

Now I am not a scientist, but I do agree that what physics can prove, gives us reliable confirmation of facts. I do not generally question what science informs me, but accept that when science proves a concept or law, I do not question its truth. However, lack of scientific evidence does not disprove a theory, but simply leaves room for intrigue. In a nutshell, this is why I believe people are interested in the paranormal, the unexplained. Unexplained does not mean untrue, simply not yet explained scientifically. Presumably, when the “Ghost” and “Spirit” questions are answered and some clever professor creates a test tube ghost, I think we’ll just move onto something else more obscure to be intrigued about.

So what is my point? Let me put it in terms of an everyday concept. As logically thinking individuals, we know that a tape recorder, VHS, DVD, and CD etc can record and play back information. Most of us don’t actually know how these devices actually work, but accept that they do. This is because we have all seen them work at first hand. A recording of a person in their place of work could conceivably occur. We don’t know why and cannot explain it, but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.  Too many people, including myself, have had first hand experience of the “playback” of what I believe are naturally occurring recordings.

Through paranormal events I believe we are able to gather more “individual” accounts of what occurs in the alleged haunted locations. These accounts allow us to evaluate to the best of our ability the possibilities surrounding people own beliefs.  UK Ghost Nights carry out events allowing members of the public to investigate “Paranormal” occurrences in some of the UK’s most haunted places. During the events it is the individual guests that give the feedback on anything that happens, that can’t be explained. However, we will always look for any logic reasons, factual or actual, that may have occurred. I think that paranormal events do play an important role in furthering the hunt for proof of an afterlife. They most certainly do provide the general public with many real opportunities to “Ghost Hunt” and if we keep an open mind, I know that even a laugh in the dark helps increase the energies.  James

Have you watched ghost hunts on television and wished you were there?

Ever seen a ghost or experienced something you can’t explain?

Feel you have a special psychic gift and want to put it to the test?

Or just interested in the Paranormal, Our Ghost Hunting and Paranormal Events are the answer!

Join us as we conduct Paranormal Investigations in some of the country’s most haunted locations. Come ghost hunting in haunted pubs, haunted castles, haunted caves, haunted buildings and haunted houses!

Join the UK Ghost Nights team as, with our Spiritual Medium, we delve into the mysteries behind these hauntings, try to contact spirit and look for answers to the many questions these hauntings throw up.





About the Author

We are a company which strives to provide something different. Our dedicated team aim to give a better experience for those wishing to undertake paranormal investigations. Using our experience of both attending and working on Ghost Hunting Events, plus the benefit of our excellent Medium, we aim to provide YOU with the event that YOU want.Ghost Hunting Events can often be expensive, so we aim to provide you with an excellent event which is also excellent value for money. UK Ghost Nights

All the members of our team are experienced and, some might say, seasoned Ghost Hunters! So we have the knowledge and expertise to guide you through a night of Ghostly Goings On!!!

You have seen the programs on TV, now live the experience yourself! UK Ghost


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Ghost Hunting

should i be worried about going ghost hunting?

this saturday me and a few others are going on a ghost hunt to an old gaol for charity.
it isnt the nicest of places iv see and apparently there have been sightings of people hangin.
at the minute im actually looking forward to it as i am a sceptic i dont beleive in ghosts but its for charity so i will go.

These kind of outings are alot of fun, it is like going to a haunted house, it is for charity and you really do not know what you are going to run across, but wear something old and comfortable, comfortable shoes, bring your camera if you are permitted to take pictures. Do not forget a flash light as well as the other things on the list, they should of given you one.
You did not mention if it is a week-end think or a day thing or over night? Are you going with some of your friends? Stick with them so you do not get lost.
It does not matter, what ever you do, just keep an open mind and have fun, it is for a good cause.

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