Ghost Hunters Pc Game

by admin on March 8, 2010

ghost hunters pc game

ghost hunters pc game

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The Real Ghosthunters Trailer

What is the name of this ghost game? its for pc?

Well about two years ago, i bought this game for the pc, and it was kind of like ghost hunters. but the people spoke with a British accent, and you had to go around finding these different symbols and stuff in the hotel. Upstairs in this attic, was an Ouija board and the “ghost” said he was a demon named thomas who died of darkness. Im pretty sure the name of it was “Dark fall” or “Darkness falls” but i have tried to look it up, and its not the right game. sorry if this doesn’t make sense, but im trying to explain this as much as possible. 🙂 Does anyone know the name of that game?

It’s “Dark Fall”, two words. 🙂

There’s a sequel, called Dark Fall II: Lights out, which occurs in a haunted lighthouse.

I think I may even have a FAQ for it on…. Yep,

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