Ghost Hunters International

by admin on January 25, 2010

ghost hunters international

ghost hunters international

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Ghost Hunters International E1 P3

Anyone else hate Ghost Hunters International?

It just seems awkward. I especially hate the editing, like there was just an episode on where they kept zooming in on this cat with freaky eyes. WTF its a cat not a ghost, therefore its not important. Also, why is the dumba** girl who looks like a porn star on the show?

GHI isn’t better than good old Ghost Hunters,

But I tell you, it’s better than that Ghost Adventures crap. The host of that show makes me wish the spirits he was provoking would actually chuck 2×4’s at his face like he tells them to.

GHI at least has it’s base in some scientific method. I don’t like Andy much, but it’s nice to have decent quality ghost hunting shows.

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