Ghost Hunters Halloween Special

by admin on June 24, 2010

ghost hunters halloween special

ghost hunters halloween special

Want to get away with the family and have a great time this summer or upcoming holiday? When you are seeking a little something different, visit Alton, Staffordshire. The area is most well known for the local theme park, Alton Towers. Each year, the park draws huge crowds of visitors from far away lands and is of course, a huge favorite with the locals.

The Alton Towers were built near the site of the Alton Mansion, designed by Augustus Pugin. The Mansion was home to a Duke of Shrewsberry. You can still see the ruins of the Mansion from the rides at the theme park. The Mansion grounds are said to be haunted.

Each year, ghost hunters and other believers venture to the ruins to see if they, too, can have an experience. This has helped the town thrive with tourism. Not only is Alton Towers like a little bit of Disney in the UK when it comes to amusements, the entire complex is beyond belief. You’ll find themed hotels-ranging from economy to upscale, all on premise.

There are water parks and attractions to please everyone in the family at Alton Towers. There are separate areas with themes and rides for every member of your family. It’s an educational and full scale journey of a lifetime when you visit the Towers and Resort.

Alton isn’t just about the theme park thrills, however. You can count on this town to give your family beauty incomparable to anywhere else in the world. Visit the Tower at St. Peter’s Church for a view of the area. Take a walk through Dimmings Dale and explore the nature that this land has to offer.

For the nature lovers in your family, there are plenty of walks to take, rocks to climb and valleys to explore. Visit Alton for the best of all worlds on your next holiday.

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Ghost Hunters Halloween Special TND

ghost hunters halloween special 2008?

i don’t live in the US so i wont be able to watch it on tv…. I heard you could watch it online but i don’t know where… i mean yes at the website but WHERE?

You type in Ghost Hunters and the first thing you will see is something about there Holloween special and it will have the live video there.

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