Ghost Hunters Episode Guide

by admin on July 12, 2010

ghost hunters episode guide

ghost hunters episode guide

Can’t decide where to go on vacation? Consider the many tourist attractions and activities that Asheville, North Carolina has to offer. Whether you’re looking for an educational trip, something thrilling, the outdoors, or just the chance to unwind, there are many reasons to stop here for a visit.


The city is filled with a rich history ranging from famous former residents, to one-of-a-kind architecture, and some excellent museums. You can tailor your trip to Asheville, NC around your favorite hobbies. Literature buffs will enjoy visiting the former residences of such acclaimed writers as F. Scott Fitzgerald and Thomas Wolfe.

If you’re a fan of historical architecture, there are many unique buildings including the art deco-styled city hall, the Victorian houses in Montford, and the famous Biltmore Estate constructed under the guidance of the rich George W. Vanderbilt. Or, you can just take it all in through one of the many fascinating museums such as antique car museum and the North Carolina Homespun Museum.


That’s right, ghost hunters; Asheville, North Carolina is a premier ghost spotting zone. There are many haunted tours that introduce the brave to the spooky underworld of the town.

If you prefer not to go into grisly details, Ghost Town in the Sky is a local amusement park that can give you thrills of a different kind. Watch a staged gunfight, venture into a haunted house (without the real ghosts!), or just enjoy the views and some quality time with your family.


If you’re more of an outdoors type, there are plenty of opportunities to take in the fresh air of the city. Grandfather Mountain allows you one of the best views in the country as well as a chance to catch a glimpse of some majestic wildlife including otters, bears, eagle, deer, and even cougars.

There are different hiking paths for the novice to the expert. If that’s too rugged for you, the Asheville, North Carolina arboretum has garden tours and nature walks for all levels and ages. There’s also the WNC Nature Center which is great for kids and animal lovers. You’ll be able to view animals in their natural habitat and even interact with them.


Not everyone likes to be constantly on the move, it is a holiday, after all, which is why Asheville, NC offers some great relaxing activities to melt away your stress and help you unwind.

There are plenty of spas and wineries so you can pamper yourself for a night (or a few). Dine in one of the many tempting restaurants or simply sip on coffee and enjoy the breathtaking views and the different seasonal changes (autumn is a particularly beautiful spectacle if you’re from a two season region).

Whether you are coming alone, with your family, or as a romantic holiday, you’ll find what you’re looking for in Asheville, NC, one of the fastest growing cities in the nation. Since there are four distinct seasons (and it never gets boiling hot due to the altitude), there’s almost always something fun to do year-round.

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